prayers for someone going into surgery for cancer

Having cancer is one of the most painful and deteriorating sickness you can be diagnosed with. It’s one of the sicknesses that gradually destroy your mind, soul, and body with the cancer cells. However, this is where prayers are most needed as it becomes your main source of strength and a test of faith. Leaning towards your faith and love for God is the most important thing in a difficult circumstance such as this. It’s in trials that our faith is being tested, whether we like it or not. In this article, we’ll be giving prayers for someone going into surgery for cancer.

Prayer 1


I’m running towards you with every ounce of my faith for the most important person in my life going through surgery for cancer. Early this year, my mother has been diagnosed with cancer and I’m looking for healing and restoration. You remind us over and over again to trust in Your plan and purpose, no matter what that may be. Even in painful and devastating circumstances, I choose to trust in You. Despite my mother going through the worst pain with her disease, I pray that you heal her physical body of every cancer cell in her body. I’m not ready to lose her and this is a prayer for her healing and restoration. I hope you give her the strength to get through her surgery through her identity in You and that You restore her faith and hope. Whichever she lacks, remind her that nothing is impossible for You are the God of miracles and breakthroughs.

Your word consistently reminds us to believe in the power of prayers and that if we believe, we’ll receive what we ask. I know that You’re constantly watching over my mom for me and that is the best gesture I can ask. However, it pains my heart to see her in this state and I’m quite anxious about what’s going to happen in her surgery. If the choice was up to me, I would choose not to let her undergo so much pain and suffering than she deserves, but You’re the only one truly in control of everything. My mom is the most important person in my life as she’s the one who gave birth to me. I pray that You don’t let any terrible happen in her surgery and she comes out strong as she looked before the surgery happened. Guide her at all times and restore her soul with hope and everlasting love for You and her family. Give her the strength to hold on despite her faith and use her story to inspire others going through the same thing. Thank You for all the blessings You’ve given me and my family- the most important blessing You could ever give me. Lastly, Thank You for giving me the faith and strength to keep fighting by her side despite the cancer in her body.


Prayer 2


Thank You for blessing me with so much love than I’ve ever asked. I believe that it’s in trials that faith and love are being tested and through these prayers for someone going into surgery for cancer, I’m asking with my eternal faith for healing and restoration. I found recently that my spouse is diagnosed with cancer and it broke my heart when I heard the news. There’s absolutely nothing I can do to ease his pain as I watch him suffer in agony. I know that You already know this, but I’m coming to You with my humbleness and broken heart to heal and restore his physical health. Hear this prayer as a cry for help as I know that You’re close to the weak and weary. There’s nothing easy about this situation and the only reason I’m holding on is because of my love for You, my spouse, and my family. Faith is one of my spouse’s admirable qualities and I hope through that faith, you give guidance and healing into their life.

My spouse has been my partner, best friend, and soulmate for as long as I could remember. I can’t imagine losing my spouse anytime soon in my life as I and my family need them. As he goes into surgery for cancer, I hope you bring hope and strength into his soul, no matter what happens. Bring healing and restoration in his life and destroy the cancer cells in their body. Let no complications happen in the surgery and may some of the pain that they constantly feel be relieved. There’s no way of denying how cancer is the most deadly of all diseases and it’s the one disease that I pray my spouse overcomes. If he overcomes this, it’s a story of miracles, breakthroughs, and utmost faith. Don’t let his faith be unseen by those around him but rather, use him and his situation as an instrument to give hope and light to others.

This surgery had to happen to make a portion of his pain better so Lord, guide him and watch over him in the entire procedure. Ensure that nothing bad happens to him and that he doesn’t feel any pain whatsoever in the operation. Give him the strength to persist through his pain and make me and his family his motivation to push through. As painful as cancer or the surgery may be, losing my spouse if even more painful. Give me and my family the hope to see that You have a plan and purpose in all of this. Even if it’s not something we understand or decipher, we surrender or devastation on this circumstance to you. I pray for nothing more than to have my spouse by my side, full of life and hope. I pray for the day he comes home when he overcomes cancer in his own faithful way but until then, I send all my prayers and wishes to You, Lord. My spouse is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I can’t afford to lose them.


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