Prayers For Safety of a Loved One

God has disposed that human beings multiply, becoming families, spouses, children, uncles, cousins and many beings that either by consanguinity, or by other ties such as relatives, those who do not have blood ties but are legal.

It is the case that all of them form our family circle, they are our loved ones, some more than others, but there is always an attachment, and a love and affection for them.

The concern that they are always well, that they enjoy good health, that they are free from illness and danger, is something we wish for from the heart, and fortunately we can help them in many ways, one of which is the prayers for safety of a loved one.

These kinds of prayers, when done from the depths of our hearts, with great conviction and much faith, are very effective and you will feel at peace when you see that trusting these preaching is a way of protecting your own.

To increase efficiency and to ensure that your prayers, supplications or petitions are heard, try to do them in a place where you feel great peace and tranquility, it is better if you are alone, you can concentrate on what you are going to do, close your eyes and breathe very slowly, slowly until you feel the circulation of air into your lungs.

Then start exhaling trying to feel the air coming out, you can count to ten during the exhalation, this breathing technique will make you relax, imagine a white paper or the sky in front of you, once on your knees start the one you choose from the prayers for safety of a loved one.

Prayer for a loved one

Blessed God, I thank you eternally for making me part of your creation, and for letting me enjoy every day of the beautiful world you have built. I am infinitely grateful for my minutes of life, the moments you have allowed me to spend and enjoy with the beings I love.

I thank you for the happy moments you have allowed me to enjoy with my wife, children, family and friends, and I also thank you for the moments of crisis, those that have made me learn and progress.

Thank you my God, because with your infinite kindness you have controlled everything as soon as I have been involved.

Nothing that you don’t want happens on this earth, for that I thank you, because I have achieved everything that you have wanted.

Today, on my knees before you, I humbly beseech you for the safety of (Here you mention the full name of your loved one), protect him from all evil.

Intercede in his decisions so that he will always make the right one, keep him on the path of good, keep him away from the temptations of the devil, from false influences, from false friends.

I beg you in this hour, my God, to give him your infinite protection so that he may not suffer any accident, that his life may not be in danger, and that he may be free from ruffians and evildoers, from aggression and envy.

I ask for your mercy to keep him on your path, to provide him with strength to always fight for good, and to achieve his goals, if this is your wish.

I beg you, My God, to free him from all suffering, guide his attitude and behavior so that he may enjoy the appreciation of the surrounding people, make him see the difference between good and evil, so that he may always seek the right path and cultivate in him the love for you.

Give him you’re blessing, my Father


At the end of the prayer, thank God with your heart and make the sign of the cross. Try to do this prayer every night, the contact with the creator, gives us peace, tranquility and tranquility.

The best way to obtain the grace of God, is obedience, he has put us in the world with a purpose, and it is our duty to fulfill it, honoring and obeying him, seek to perform activities that are conducive to the good of others, that is well seen in the eyes of God, and so our loved ones enjoy this grace that we ask for them.

Prayer for a loved one separated by distance

My God, tonight I am on my knees to thank you for the family I have.

They are the blessing you have given me

You have allowed me to enjoy your company and respect

Today my heart is sad because (the name of the loved one)

is far away from us.

I want to humbly beg you to watch over his steps

that you guide him on the path of good, that he does not lack food or shelter

I ask you My almighty God, to watch over him from all evil,

intercede with your omnipotence so that nothing can harm it

drive away his enemies and let no one by spells or grievances cause him any harm.

Deliver him from any accident, and let his life be without risk,

protect you from criminals and killers

give him the strength to find success in his activities

and give him comfort to support with patience and tolerance

the distance that separates us

accompany him when he feels lonely because of our absence

make it a Holy Father who never loses faith and courage

and give us soon the blessing of being together again

Bless it and take it always from your hand

I ask you from the heart


Offer to God some roses daily, and light a white candle in his name, do not forget that God is light, and with that light he will provide you well, teach your children and relatives the attachment to God, it is the way to be free of evils and difficulties, even in the most difficult moments he will not leave us alone, the difficulties are tests that he puts to his children, it is the way he offers them to teach them the way of good and right.

Do not only pray to God when you are in trouble, make a routine of your conversations with him, and you will never lack anything and accidents, evils and tragedies will be far from your life and yours.

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