Prayers For Protection From Enemies at Work

When people by their sympathy, by their good humor, by their positivism, manage to be popular among their circles of friends, they generally cause discomfort among those who dedicate themselves to see with bad eyes the good things of others.

This attitude in such people cause them to envy those who are pleasant and appreciated by others, and this feeling leads them to try to cause harm in any way possible; this often happens at work.

People who enjoy the affection of superiors for their talent and for how productive and enthusiastic they can be for their enterprises awaken in negative people that envy that causes them to try to harm them by gossiping, talking badly about them, and even by spells and bewitchment.

Fortunately there are prayers for protection from enemies at work, there are many of them and it is the best alternative to protect yourself from those who only want to harm those who do it well.

Lo 7 Psalms and the Holy Trinity

Today I offer myself to the immense Power of God, to the lap of the Virgin Mary, to the Holy Trinity, in the person of the Father himself, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and to the seven psalms.

Today I offer myself to the three bonds with which the Jews tied Jesus Christ to the cross

With those bonds, let my enemies be bound, those who do evil against me, be bound from hand to foot.

Jesus Christ, remove all satanic art from me, keep me from being the target of poisonous darts and sharp spears, and protect me from the temptations of the devil.

Let the 7 Psalms be my protection against evil and danger, from the envy of people where I work and where I live, from bad comments and lies, from spells and witchcraft.

May they protect me from the works and powers of those who hate me and from the actions of spirits of darkness.

The cross is made in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, forever and ever, Amen.

Pray this prayer three times a day, when you suspect that someone in your work is acting against you, trying to pray it once you get to work, you can look for a lonely place where no one will disturb you.

Prayer against enemies

This is one of the effective prayers for protection from enemies at work that will help you, making it on your knees when you leave your house on your way to work, remember to finish the prayer by praying three creeds and Our Father, with the three creeds prayed in this way consecutively you get the three divine people to accompany you during the day providing protection.

My beloved God, today I stand before you on my knees, humbly asking for your help, I come to you so that you may wrap me up in your glorious protection, remove from my path the dangers that lie in wait for me, anoint my paths so that they may be armored with your omnipotence against the attacks of those who try to direct evil towards me, remove from around me those negative people who are envious of me, prevent them from coming to my presence, I beg you oh my great Lord to protect me with your blessing at work and in all the places that I may frequent.

Deliver me from evil, drive them from my side, send them away from my presence, and do not allow me to be vulnerable to them.

Lord my God, accompany me by day and by night, with you nothing will overcome me, grant me the glory of your protection and give me strength so that nothing can harm me.

My Father, I am your faithful servant, send your angels of protection over me today, show my enemies your great power, so that they may fear to harm me.

I ask you today for your protection so that nothing bad will come upon me.

You become the cross, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Prayer to Archangel Uriel for protection at work

Beloved archangel Saint Uriel, you who enlighten me with peace and give me tranquility, today I come before you to protect me from enemies who cast evil upon me, drive them away from me with the power of your divine fire.

You who are the provider of earthly grace, fight every evil entity that wants to harm me, release the hatred and anger that they have towards me, so that they may diminish their evil purposes towards me, always illuminate my paths by removing the darkness that others sow in my ways.

Increase the strength of my life, so that I may sustain my vitality intact in the face of those who seek my failure, strengthen me to overcome all the trials that those who wish to inflict evil upon me have placed around me.

I beg you with humility not to leave me alone in my moments of difficulty, and let harmony and peace prevail in all that I do day by day.

Provide me with your grace through your great power to destroy evil, Amen.

At the conclusion of this prayer, pray a creed on your knees as a symbol of gratitude to the Archangel Uriel for his goodness.

To protect oneself from the evil that others want to do to us or desire for us is something very valid, but one must know how to create the circumstances so that the actions we take to combat it are effective.

The main thing is the devotion with which they are performed, praying prayers is an act that must be done with a very deep faith, you must surrender in soul sincerely, it is very true that God has said that whoever asks will be given, so the requests must be made with the heart in the middle, and with the deep conviction that the favor we ask will be granted.

To see what is desired, is to aim with certainty that this event will happen.

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