Portable Clothes Shoes Dryer Foldable Electric Dryer Machine

For people always on the go or living in a small space, this Portable Clothes Shoes Dryer Foldable Electric Dryer Machine would be just the right product for you. With its light body shape and detachable feature, you can start drying your clothes or shoes anytime and anywhere. This product also features a PTC Ceramic Heating Technology that boots automatically into hot air mode with the temperature 50Â to 60Â and can dry your clothes and shoes faster without spending much on electricity. With its low running temperatures and automatic switching to cold mechanism, you can ensure the safety of both your fabrics as well as your environment. Operating in excessive heat is one of the reasons why an electronic device would cease to function. With this technology that we are using, you will be investing in a product that will last and save you money in the long run. The Portable Clothes Shoes Dryer Foldable Electric Dryer Machine may be too tiny and lightweight compared to its bulky competitors but it can do the work all the same for it features an innovative airway patents that can make your fabrics and shoes dry evenly.


  1. Lightweight and Detachable Dryer that you can carry anywhere
  2. Temperature Switches Automatically
  3. PTC Ceramic Heating
  4. Innovative Airway Patents
  5. Long Lasting, Safe and Power Saving

To ensure safety, the built-in chip attached in this mini dryer will automatically switch to cold air mode after 3 hours though you can switch it manually depending on your desired drying time. The Red Light Sign means that the hot air mode default 50Â- 60Â warm wind is on while the Blue Light Sign means that it is now on cold air mode. What more is that this dryer is not limited to specific fabrics for it can carry heavy loads thus suitable for a variety of clothing. It can dry Sleeveless Tops, T-Shirts, Long-Sleeved Shirts, Sports Wears and even heavy clothing such as Winter Clothes.

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