Pokemon Gifts

With an expansive universe stretching across television, film, video games, and trading cards, long gone are the days trainers collecting 150-odd Pokemon and calling it a day. A person could invest literally hundreds of hours into the franchise and only be scratching the surface, and while such commitment might not stagger a long time fan, it can make it a challenge for an outsider to buy appropriate, relevant, totally original gifts for their fanatic Poke-head. You don’t need to be an expert to impress your loved ones, though; the gifts below are all the latest, greatest Pokemon gifts that a young trainer could ask for.

Pokemon Clip

A trainer never knows when they’ll spot that next elusive Pokemon, so it pays to always be prepared. With the Pokemon Clip, your young fan can always keep a PokeBall on hand for easy access should that Pikachu reveal itself. The Pokemon Clip belt comes with 2 PokeBalls and a miniature Pikachu figurine, but as your trainer’s collection expands, the belt can accommodate up to 4 additional PokeBalls. Adjustable and stylish, any Pokemon lover ages 4 and up can enjoy rocking this fun accessory and comparing their favorite figures with their friends. Gift the confidence in your trainer to take on the world – make sure they never leave home without their favorite Pokemon by their side!


Even when the anime first aired, Ash’s Pokedex was an ingenious invention that seemed ahead of its time. Nowadays, Pokemon fans of all ages can recapture the thrill of watching everyone’s favorite ageless 10-year old whip out his handy device and learn about the creatures of the world. Just like its fictional counterpart, the Pokedex gift is capable of scanning companion Pokemon figures and providing some insight into the creature’s behaviors, habits, and interests. With a Pokedex in hand, Pokemon fans can truly feel like the trainer’s they’ve watched on the screen for so long. And, with 3 AAA batteries already included, there’s no need to delay the fun for even a second, ideal for the curious fan with not a second to lose.

PokeBall Plus

For the Pokemon fanatic that already owns Let’s Go, Pikachu! or Let’s Go, Eevee!, the PokeBall Plus is an essential add-on to accentuate the gameplay experience. PokeBall Plus connects to your loved one’s actions in the corresponding game, and responds to the choices they make as they explore the Pokemon world. Likewise, PokeBall Plus can also be equipped in conjunction to the Pokemon GO app, taking the popular game to an entirely new level of authenticity. With the PokeBall Plus in hand, players can experience their Pokemon journey like never before, making this gift an extraordinary opportunity for the well-versed fan looking to fall in love with the franchise all over again.

Giant Snorlax

As we get older and our responsibilities increase, it’s easy to see the appeal in Snorlax’s laid-back way of life. Sleep is one of life’s greatest experiences, and what plush is better to help your loved ones drift off than the master of sleep itself? Standing at an impressive 18-inches, the Giant Snorlax plush isn’t quite as big as its fictional counterpart, but that might be for the best – this soft plush is the perfect size to cuddle as you fall asleep, dreaming about the adventures of Mew or the Pichu brothers. Licensed by the Pokemon Center itself, this gift is quality assured and guaranteed to excite the sleepiest of Pokemon fans.

Pokemon Cosplay

From the spiky hair to the bold, florescent clothes, Pokemon’s Ash is one of recent history’s most iconic fictional characters. Whether your loved one is searching for their next Halloween costume, a convincing get-up for a major convention, or just a fun homage to their favorite Pokemon trainer, this Pokemon Cosplay set has them covered. A unisex costume for kids and adults alike, anyone can don Ash’s red hat, green fingerless gloves, and deep blue top, all in the eye-catching shades so intrinsic to the anime. Pokemon Cosplay is a stand-out gift for the convention trend-setter, combining quality costuming with the heartfelt, sentimental charm of the original Pokemon so many fans grew up with.


As much as your loved one might enjoy watching TV or playing their Switch all day, its time to get a gift that gives their eyes a rest and instead, challenges the mind. Nanoblocks, much like Legos, are memorable sculptures that you construct out of simple colorful blocks, only this set doesn’t challenge you to create just anything: these Nanoblocks come together to form the image of Pikachu, Squirtle, and Charmander. With each character consisting of 120-130 pieces, these 3 Nanoblock sets offer Pokemon fans a welcome break from screens, instead channeling their love into a creative, hands-on activity that captures their love for the unmistakable franchise.


Getting out of the house and working the body is a valuable experience, especially for a young, growing trainer, but sometimes there isn’t enough time in the day to collect enough steps to satisfy Pokemon Go! Since your Pokemon fan can’t avoid staying indoors during school or work, the gift Orzero allows them to continue progressing in their game during these busy times. A smooth but sturdy swing built for a Smartphone or PokeBall Plus, Orzero safely shakes devices throughout the day, collecting as many as 7000 steps for each hour of use. When prior commitments prevent your loved one from training to become the very best, like no one ever was, the Orzero ensures that their beloved Pokemon never need suffer.


Bluetooth speakers are nothing new, and perhaps your loved one already has one of their own. However, KIDdesigns PokeBall speaker adds a dose of colorful fun to traditional speaker, channeling that classic red and white look in its final construction. A built-in rechargeable battery powers the KIDdesigns speaker wherever your Pokemon fan travels, much like a PokeBall itself, allowing them to enjoy their music and media without concern for wires and outlets. The KIDdesigns speaker works with most any computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, so with this charming Pokemon gift, your number one trainer will never have to go without background music again.

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