Paul Finch

Paul Finch is a British author that writes scripts for movies and TV shows as well as short stories and crime thriller novels. Born in Lancashire, Finch’s interest in writing was sparked at an early age. As a child, he loved English lessons. He also enjoyed the creative writing classes he had to take in school. He would anticipate every assignment that required him to write stories.

After studying History at Goldsmiths, he went into Law Enforcement. A lot of his time was spent in inner Manchester, specifically Salford. He encountered a few routine traffic accidents and their related investigations along with cases involving vandalism and riot control.

He also had the opportunity to investigate thefts, robberies, and drug-related crimes during his plainclothes attachment days. Police work was fulfilling, which is why he did it for so many years. However, after a while, Finch realized that he was no longer willing to contend with the dangerous experiences that came with the territory.

So he abandoned the career to become a journalist. The transition was highly rewarding for Finch because it showed him that he could make money as a writer. During that period, he wrote a few short stories that magazines and anthologies published.

As an author, Finch was hesitant to write about mysteries and crimes. Because his time as a police officer had already exposed him to those elements, he wanted to experiment with different genres.

But then an opportunity to add his talents to ‘The Bill’, a police procedural on TV, came along and Finch realized that he couldn’t pass it up. He lacked writing experience at the time but he made up for it with his knowledge of police work.

The author’s scripts were praised for their authenticity. Finch had a way of writing realistic and highly engrossing stories for ‘The Bill’. And unlike his colleagues, he could do this without consulting police officers and law enforcement experts. This made him an asset.

His success on ‘The Bill’ did nothing to quench Finch’s desire to write in other genres. This is why the first episode he wrote for ‘The Bill’ was so popular. Even though the show is a police procedural, Finch’s episode was praised for leaning into the crime thriller genre.

After leaving the show in 2003, he started writing full-time in other capacities. He wrote children’s animation, produced a variety of short stories, and made a name for himself in the field of horror.

Any doubts he had about his decision to become a writer went out of the window when his collection of short stories won an award in the early 2000s. He was fortunate enough to write scripts for movies like ‘The Devil’s Rock’ and for radio dramas like ‘Doctor Who’.

The Heck novels, the books for which he is best known, started publication in 2013. After working so hard to avoid crime and mystery, Paul Finch finally decided to take advantage of his knowledge and experience. Some of the Heck novels became bestsellers.

Paul Finch Awards

Finch has won accolades such as the British Fantasy and International Horror Guild Awards. He has received nominations for the Bram Stoker Award.

Best Paul Finch Books

Finch has been commended for his ability to generate a strong sense of terror in his stories, with some of the author’s best novels including:

1). Stalkers

38 women had gone missing. They were all happy and successful and once they disappeared, they were never heard from again. Lauren is determined to make her sister the exception. But Lauren cannot find her alone, which is why she has turned to Detective Heck, the man investigating the disappearances.

Their search eventually leads them to a gang of tight-lipped men at the heart of the conspiracy who have refused to cooperate.

2). Sacrifice

When a man burns alive, people are quick to dismiss it as an accident. That changes when a couple is found dead on Valentine’s day with arrows in their hearts. Now Detective Heck is working around the clock to solve the mystery.

He knows that a serial killer is on the warpath and that his murders have a purpose. He has a plan, one that Heck must stop before its too late. But accomplishing this task is easier said than done. The body count is growing and Heck is making slow progress.

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