Oishi Bideford

Japanese, Thai & Korean Food (The best of Asia)

Here at Oishi Bideford our restaurant type is Asian, our signature dishes combine influences from Japan, Thailand and Korea making for a menu that brings the best of Asia in a single restaurant. Our menus starts with one of Japan’s most famous starters, Gyoza. Either fired or boiled Gyoza make for a tasty snack that comes with many unique fillings, vegetables, chicken, pork, or even chilli chicken. Ramen is also a traditional Japanese meal which combines noodles with soup and many unique ingredients. Beef, Chicken and Pork are the main ingredients we offer, but various sauces like Teriyaki help expand the variety. If you are looking for our Korean inspired dishes you have to try out our Tong Dak, crispy chicken wings coated with glaze and crispy onion. Beef Bulgogi is an unique beef marinated in a sweet and sharp glaze, and served with various vegetables for added flavor. When it comes to Thai food the Xri Yaki Phad combines sorted vegetables with meant and a teriyaki sauce, making for yet another flavorful meal that you’ll come to love.

Find us in Bideford

You can find our restaurant in the Bideford area, on North Road, Torridge; or to be more exact we are located in 30 North Rd Bideford EX39 2NW. You can find us close to North Road Chapel near Coldharbour street. North Road is overall not too long so finding us should be pretty easy. But if you would simply prefer to avoid the trip then feel free to order from the comfort of your home. We are a takeaway, and as such you can use our official app, Osihi Bideford to get delivery or schedule a pick-up, just search for us on google play and the app store.

Oishi Bideford

At Oishi Bideford we wanted to show our customers a brand new look at Asian cuisine that they might not be aware of. Asian cuisine is one of the most extensive ones in the world, and yet when you think of Asian inspired restaurants most people default to Sushi and Chinese takeaway. Both are wonderful options and proof of how versatile the dishes of Asia are. But there are far more meals that also have a long tradition behind them and tend to be ignored. Here we wanted to offer those often forgotten meals to our clients, to let them know more of the unique flavor Asia has to offer to the world.

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