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Critical things to remember when starting a motivational Youtube channel

As technology advances, more people are embracing the internet culture. A significant aspect of the internet that most people like indulging in is video blogging. In the face of worldwide COVID-19, millions of millennials have turned to video-blogging to create and share content.

Video blogging is an enjoyable and interactive activity that can make you a famous online personality. Additionally, you get the opportunity to interact with new individuals while still earning cash through sponsorships and video monetization.

Most people consider using Youtube as their primary video blogging website. Since the platform has billions of audience, it is much easier to get more views and feedback than other video sharing platforms.

In this article, we will look at the top tips to consider when starting a motivational Youtube channel as well as a simple trick of acquiring commercial rights to motivational videos. Acquiring commercial rights assists Youtube channel owners to monetize their content without any hitches.

Four critical tips to remember when starting a motivational Youtube channel

Starting a motivational Youtube channel can be a straight forward process if you prepare and organize yourself well. Here are four critical tips to remember as you open your motivational Youtube channel.

1. Research and prepare high-quality content

It might be wise to identify and compile your initial motivational content before you open the Youtube channel. Content viewers want relevant, high-quality content that will motivate them no matter how low they are feeling.

For best results, you should have enticing creative content that will engage and attract new viewers to the videos you create. It would be best to stick to your motivation niche while creating content. Straying from this genre can make your content unappealing to motivation enthusiasts.

2. Procure the appropriate equipment

Many individuals start their Youtube channels by just using a smartphone device to create and post content. However, if you want to create high quality and appealing videos, it would be best to procure additional equipment such as special DSLR cameras, lighting, and camera stabilizers.

Also, remember that an excellent Youtube video is not all about video quality and content. The audio should also be quality; otherwise, content viewers will dislike or ignore your videos.

It would be best to procure a quality microphone that can preferably be mounted onto a camera. It would help if you also double-check the audio to ensure it is clear and that it aligns with the video.

3. Always find ways to inspire your viewers

Motivation seekers always want new, fresh, relevant information. As a content creator, you should always ensure you keep up with recent trends and ensure you bring the hype in all your videos. The secret to achieving these steps is by seeking new inspiration wherever it can be found.

You can start by analyzing existing videos and coming up with fresh ideas. Additionally, you can also purchase commercial rights to high-quality motivational videos from a third-party firm or individual.

Another thing that can help bring inspiration when starting a motivational Youtube channel is identifying new editing and presentation styles. Such techniques assist in attracting new viewers while ensuring current subscribers are content with your videos.

4. Begin by using uncomplicated editing software

Editing is a critical process in any Youtube channel. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to procure a high-end complicated editing solution. Such software is often hard to use, particularly if you are unaccustomed to editing audiovisual content.

When starting a motivational Youtube channel, it would be best to begin by utilizing uncomplicated editing software. These software programs come with a user-friendly interface and are often cheaper than high-end solutions.

Procuring Commercial Rights to motivational videos can assist in building your Channel.

At times, coming up with your own motivational content may prove strenuous and ineffective. When this happens, it might be best to look for fresh, relevant content by purchasing commercial rights to creative and appealing motivational content.

Nowadays, numerous professionals use their expertise to create up-to-date motivational videos that you can use on your Youtube channel. Once you pay the commercial rights licensing fee, you can use the video on your channel to gain views as well as for monetization purposes.

Below are some of the commercial rights options you can get when seeking publishing rights to motivational videos.

1. A single video license

When you procure this form of license, you will get commercial rights (monetization rights) to a single motivational video that you can use only once your Youtube channel. However, when you acquire these rights, you must also abide by several laws, such as download or upload limitations.

Some commercial rights sellers can decide whether or not the motivational video you purchase can be downloadable or not. The sellers can also limit the number of social media platforms where you can upload the motivational video.

2. A complete Youtube channel commercial rights license

This form of license provides you with unlimited use of a motivational video on a specific Youtube channel. When you purchase such a license, the commercial rights vendor will allow you to use their content in an unlimited number of videos within your channel.

In simpler terms, you can monetize the motivational content that you procure in multiple videos on a single channel. However, there are also some conditions you must adhere to once you get this commercial rights license.

For instance, some content creators demand that you create a different original video instead of uploading the purchased copy. Other content creators also limit the purposes of the video. For example, some people explicitly bar commercial rights buyers from using their content in promoting unethical or immoral activities such as creating racial productions.

Purchasing a commercial rights license helps to ensure you can monetize third party content without any hassle. Uploading an unlicensed video can cause the content creator to collect your monetization payments or block the monetization process completely.


Video blogging on Youtube is becoming a popular hobby and occupation for millions of individuals globally. When starting a motivational Youtube channel, it is best to ensure you have the best content and equipment.

Additionally, it would help if you also considered procuring commercial rights to high-quality motivational content that will attract viewers to your channel while still ensuring you can monetize the content.

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