Mobile Home Interior Design

Just because it’s a mobile home, doesn’t mean you need to make do with a tired interior. Whether you are selling your mobile home, or just want to brighten up your environment, your domicile can look cozy or spacious, luxurious or family-friendly. The choice is up to you.

The #vanlife and “tiny house” communities on Instagram and Pinterest should inspire you that no matter how limited your space or layout seems, there’s plenty of opportunity to get creative.

There’s a simple six-step process to successful mobile home interior design, without breaking the bank Let’s take a deeper look.


First, take everything that moves out of your home. You need to strip it right down and see what you’re working with. This will also highlight repairs you need to do – damp or warped surfaces, rusted metal, worn upholstery, tired drapes. You’ll see that the interior is actually larger and more flexible than you thought it was.

Next you need to clean – everything. Yes, even the top of the cabinets and the inside of the light fittings. It’s actually therapeutic, believe it or not. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have a blank canvas upon which to paint your new interior.


You’ll have drawn up a list of improvements from the previous step. Work through these, starting from the major refits (broken cabinets, malfunctioning appliances) through to the grace-notes (door handles, new light switches). If you’re good with your hands, you will find YouTube tutorials for how to repair or replace just about anything. Follow the instructions with care and the results will be rewarding.


Pay particular attention to the floor. People notice cracked or uneven floors, badly-fitted tiles and unheated surfaces in the winter. Consider laying down a patterned or colored vinyl, that both brightens up the space and disguises dirt. It’s also easy to clean. You can soften and warm this with small rugs. Large areas of carpet are to be used sparingly – they are difficult to keep clean in a restricted space.

Match a key color from your floor in your upholstery. Most cushions covers can be unzipped and replaced and you can have custom foam inserts made to change the shape or firmness. Continue your color scheme, subtly, with your drapes. Vertical lines can make a space seem taller, horizontal ones emphasize spaciousness. Diagonal lines or curves allow the eyes to play and express creativity.


How you choose to light your home can have a massive impact on how inhabitants feel. Dimmer switches allow you to change the color temperature and mood – white or blue for wakefulness, yellow or orange for calmness or warmth. Consider using signature lamps or candles in jars (for safety) to add areas of warmth. Make sure you maximize natural light during the day with fully retractable drapes and clean skylights.


This is where you can really have fun. Without adding back in all that clutter, some choice details can really add personality to a small space . Books, plants, throw cushions, pictures and photos are all good ways of making your mobile home more inviting. Make sure you store everything mundane out of sight – bedding, crockery, clothing etc.


Last, but never least, remember that your guests’ or buyers’ first experience of your mobile home will be its exterior. Give it a fresh lick of paint, and get a little green-fingered – a hanging basket or two by the door, maybe some planters outside. Flowers. bird-feeders and bird baths can help bring a little nature to your door. Lastly, don’t forget the nameplate. Naming your residence can have a profound psychological effect on visitors. It makes a house feel like a home.

Most of all, have fun with the process of redesigning your mobile home interior. Take inspiration from the sources mentioned above, get creative and remember to put your heart into it. As Ralph Waldo Emerson: “A house is made with walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams.”

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