Mobile Home

Moving a mobile home is not as easy as it may look. It is not as simple as hitching the mobile onto a truck and relocating it to another neighborhood. When it comes to mobile homes or “manufactured homes”, the requirements are more than just a ride to bring your mobile home to another location. Although moving a mobile home may be very hard work it is definitely possible for it to be done. With the proper team and the proper planning, this job can be done in little to no time at all. Alongside the proper team and the effective planning, moving your mobile home requires many things to remember.and once you successfully keep these things in mind you should have nothing to worry about in regards to moving your mobile home. One of the things to keep in mind is the laws for moving a mobile home. Each county has its own rules and regulations for moving mobile homes. These rules and regulations usually depend on specific factors such as the quality of the home or how old or new it may be. Another factor might be whether the home is being moved inside or outside of the state. With these factors in mind, the mover of the home can decide what type of permits he will need to get the job done. So be sure to check for the laws of the area your mobile home is in before you proceed to make any movements. Always be ready to prepare the new location for the new mobile home that will soon occupy it. This means that your new area of residency should be adequately prepared and legally prepared because the truth is not many areas are suitable for mobile home living. As far as permits go, you will need a zoning clearance, a septic tank permit, and a driveway construction permit. The next thing to consider when moving a mobile home by yourself is the preparedness of the home. The majority of the typical areas rarely allow mobile homes that are old to occupy their lot. Usually, mobile homes are checked for safety and compliance of the state code. In most areas, a building permit is needed from the new state and also proof of ownership of the mobile home. Anyone not licensed to move the home is not allowed to do so. Without the proper equipment, permits, insurance, and clearance, no one can do anything to their mobile home or anyone else’s mobile home. Upon arrival at the new location, mobile homes must be inspected and each inspection is to check closely if a home is disassembled and when it gets officially set up it must go through another close inspection. To guarantee the mobile home’s stability, the home must be equipped with the proper equipment. Alongside proper equipment, there are mandatory certificates such as a certificate of occupancy and also a tax location decal. In conclusion, mobile homes can be moved by yourself and although it may seem like hard work, it can be done as long as you gain access to the proper documentation and material.

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