Mirror, Mirror On the Wall: How Interior Design Reflects Personality

Home Is Where the Heart Is

It can be said that a person’s home is a reflection of who they are and what they cherish most in their life. If you’ve been on your share of bad dates, then you definitely know how telling a person’s living quarters can be of who they really are! Cleanliness and organization aside, the field of interior design opens up so many opportunities to embrace one’s personal style and personality. Whether you’re lowkey and minimalist, or fun-loving and modern, it’s interesting to see just how interior design and personality go together.

Showing Your True Colors

The first most telling aspect of your home’s design is the color scheme. Are you neutral chic, or a fan of bold color combinations? Your personality and energies are written in your wall, furniture, and accent colors. Consider the picture below. The warm, rustic wood grain with the slight touch of green in the plants gives off a warm, relaxing ambience. This person enjoys the simpler pleasures in life and cherishes cozy evenings with a good book and a glass of merlot.


Caption: These warm colors can be accompanied by a variety of Early American pieces.

Structures Add Emphasis

Furniture style plays an important role as well in showcasing one’s personality in interior design. This posh bedroom corner below reflects that. The sleek angles and symmetry of the mid-century modern chair pair wonderfully with the more plush throw pillow. The knitted blanket in the back adds a touch of coziness, but still helps retain the refined, luxurious style reflected in this area. The slate gray featured in these pieces gives a slightly feminine, yet timeless appearance, giving the impression of a put together person with eye for design and the finer things in life.


Caption: Dark grey color schemes can be a good choice for couple’s bedrooms.

It’s All in the Accessories

If you’re like me, then your personality probably changes with what color skirt you’re wearing. Because our homes are one of the most intimate reflections of our selves, they should be open to change. If you consider yourself the bold accent wall type, maybe you could opt for accessories in that color instead. That fuchsia pink wall will hit different come the change of seasons, and swapping out vases and mantel pieces is much easier than repainting a wall. The picture below is a stunning example of incorporating vivid colors and maximalist design into a versatile space. The striking cubist paintings and royal blue drawers give a tasteful sense of adventurous spirit and creativity, while allowing for future design opportunities.


Caption: Brighter color schemes still pair wonderfully with Scandinavian minimalism.

Designing With You in Mind

Your living and working space can be a reflection of your personality, but they can also remind you who you are. When we’re in a space that reflects our best qualities, it can be transformative. Designing with you or your client’s personality in mind is essential to creating a comfortable and admirable living space.

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