MGA Advice on Devices and Amusement Machines

MGA or the Malta Gaming Authority, is one of the most reputable licensing bodies that oversee online gambling activities to ensure that online casinos strictly adhere to the laid down standards. The main aim of doing this is to protect you as the gambler from being exploited by casino machines or operators. Recently, the MGA published a guidance note clarifying the aspects that should be taken into account when determining what a gaming device is and what an amusement device is.

This guide by MGA on amusement machines and gaming devices will directly affect all the individuals involved in making such devices available for use, either directly or indirectly. Such individuals will have to obey several obligations as determined by the classification of their devices – that’s once it’s clear that you own either an amusement device or gaming device, you’ll have to abide by the obligations for such devices.

The note shall be useful to judicial bodies when making assessments relating to gaming devices. Likewise, it will help both authorized and unauthorized individuals when assessing their gaming devices.

According to the note published by the MGA;

1. A Gaming device

Refers to any object or device, whether mechanical, electronic or electrical, any gambling table, tickets, or other things, being used or intended to be used in any gaming activity, or to facilitate gambling in gaming premises.

2. An amusement Machine

Refers to any sort of a machine that can make it possible for gamblers to gamble via electronic displays, made accessible to gamblers in a gaming premise by operators regularly. It doesn’t matter whether the machine is operated through inserting token or money, as long as the device is used for amusement purposes and not for gambling purposes.

Registrations & Approval of Amusement Machines & Gaming Devices

Following the MGA guide on the classification of devices as either amusement machines or gaming devices – such devices need not only to be categorized but also registered and approved.

Reg. 19 requires that;

“Nobody in whatever the capacity should service, lease, distribute, sell, host, supply, operate, transfer or in any other way make gaming systems or gaming devices available for gaming purposes within the territories of Malta state, unless if such gaming devices have been legally approved by the MGA.”

Further, Reg. 31 states that.

“No person in whatever the capacity shall service, lease, distribute, sell, host, supply, operate, transfer, or in whatever the manner make amusement machines available in any gaming premises unless if such amusement machines have been legally registered by the MGA following the laid down procedure.”

Applicable Fee & Levies

The MGA stated that the following fee should apply when approving new gaming or/and amusement machine.

(i) Gaming Devices

As per the License Fee Regulation, any individuals will pay an administrative fee of up to 100 Euros to have his/her new gaming device approved.

(ii) Amusement Machines

For amusement machines, a one-time administrative fee of up to 50 Euros (non-refundable) shall be charged when approving a new amusement machine.

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