Melt the snow this autumn with the hottest male-fashion trends

Every new season is a new adventure. Autumn is here and it didn´t come alone; it brought along some of the coolest trends of the year so far. We hand-picked the best ones and put them together in the ultimate manual for the modern man to shine through the leaves and the cloudy skies. Get ready to bring the hot element to the cold season with the hottest trends for this year.

Our pick of the best trends for this season

You don´t want to be caught off-guard wearing a big no-no as if it was the greatest piece of garment ever made. Don´t worry, we have your back. We have gone the extra mile and selected for you only the trends that make sense. Read on, use the tips wisely and let your style & personality melt the ice in the coming months.

Groovy Baby! The seventies are definitely back

It is not clear whether Quentin Tarantino´s Once upon a time in Hollywood influenced this big revival or not, but it is a definite fact. Pieces like tight, heavily printed shirts with the largest flaps on earth, dressing pants, bell-bottom jeans, denim shirts, a whole lot of corduroy, and Aviator sunglasses are just some examples of what is the hippest today. In short words, we have to do our best to make Brad Pitt and Leonardo Di Caprio proud while blending in our own personality.

In-vest on a vest

Vests are back big time. Prada and most of the big names in the runways of the world included at least one knitted vest model in the runway. This means that this piece is making a comeback for the season. You can combine it with whatever you like. It is usually better if you do it with a long-sleeve shirt underneath, but the models we saw wore it over nothing showing some skin. Will you dare wear it like that? Even if the answer is no, you need to get one.

Prints? All over, please

Heavy prints on classic pieces were all over the runways this year as well. Long gone are black suits and solid-color jackets; the louder the print, the trendier it´ll be. Loud and proud prints are this season´s best bet involving every piece of garment possible from sweaters to pants to shirts.

Leather-up your wardrobe

Pants, jackets, overcoats, footwear, shirts, t-shirts, shorts; leather is all over the place for this season. You can blend in some of your own wardrobe like an old-school wool sweater over a leather pant, for example, and take your style to the next level. As long as you throw some leather into the mix, you´ll be hip and trendy this season.

Functional clothes are back in the game

Functional clothes include pieces with many pockets and others that serve a definite purpose. For example, water-proof parkas, overcoats, and capes share the spotlight with other pieces offering a utilitarian approach including multiple pockets and particular fabric choices (cargo pants, tactical vests, etc.). Don´t get wet, keep the outfit trendy, and be warm during the harsh seasons of the year wearing functional clothes.

Mono color goes the long way

The biggest names in men fashion presented models wearing one color throughout their outfit. This means that they were wearing five or six pieces, not in the same color palette, but actually in the same color. Let me also add that these were not green, brown, or navy blue; Pierre Balmain went with camel, and Louis Vuitton went with neon pink, to just name two. Get ready to shock the world combining colors… with themselves!

Don´t forget the tee man!

T-shirts are a part of every season´s wardrobe. They go well with shorts at the beach and with your favorite leather pants on a night out. Most fashion gurus agree that they should be vintage-looking and that band-logo t-shirts are the all-around favorites. It´s time to dust off those old Nirvana tees from your teenage years!

Flannel shirts are hip

Speaking of nineties fashion, let´s discuss flannel shirts for a second. They are one of the biggest comebacks for this season and you can combine them with almost everything. The texture is beautiful and they go on top of any outfit you can create. Embrace that inner nineties kid in you and flannel-up your style.

Skinny no more; wide pants are back!

Some fifteen years ago, nobody was wearing anything that wasn´t a skinny pair of jeans. This season, that trend is completely reversed and we are back to wide pants. I´m not just talking about jeans, but also other fabrics such as cotton and wool; big, wide pants are back to stay.

The red light is on! Colorado is back

Stop everything! We´re going red! Not most, but all the big clothes manufacturers in the world presented at least one model wearing all red. If you don´t dare to go on that trend just now you can start small. Add a red piece to your wardrobe and once you´re comfortable with that you can continue the transformation one piece at the time. Usually, a pair of red sneakers is a great way to get started.

Checkered fashion´s stellar comeback to the mainstream

Everything and anything can have a checkered pattern. We´ve seen it in the runways of the world on overcoats, scarves, pants, hats, t-shirts, and much more. The best thing? It is, perhaps, the perfect place to start, since it is the easiest trend for this season to blend in with your style.

Joggers? Keep them gray, man!

As much as the Tarantino movie brought the seventies back, Tik-Tok did its thing with the gray joggers; everybody is wearing them! They are comfortable, easy to wear, and you can put them on 24/7 while at home. If you are a jogger’s person, make sure you keep them gray.

Keep that turtle up your neck

Oh yes! Turtlenecks are a big trend for this season. Some of us love them because they are stylish, elegant, smart, and go well with almost anything. The news is that now turtlenecks have become heavily-printed, oversized, wool pieces that you can actually wear on top of your outfit. Again, you can blend in one pattern first and then go from there.

Large overcoats are definitely it

Speaking of oversized clothing; larger-than-life overcoats are it this season. The color palette to choose can be red, camel, or black, but what matters the most is size. Think of eighties bold, celebrity fashion like David Bowie including faux fur, leather, and wool. The cool thing about large overcoats is that they go on top of anything you are wearing and can turn any outfit into the trendiest.

Puff, puff, puff it up!

Just like functional clothes are back big time, puffy coats and jackets reigned over the runways of the world. Whether they are wind-proof, light-weight creations or hugely-padded, super-warm, overcoats, you need to puff it up for this season. Colors go all the way from super technical, mountain-ready fluorescent pieces to traditional black and everything in-between.

Wool in the pants too

Wool pants? Really? Weren´t those over back in the Seinfield days? Well, the answer to that question was in every runway preparing us for autumn/winter 2020. Wool pants, a little wider and a little shorter than high-couture fashion are a great cold-weather, everyday wear. Plus, you can combine them with a cool turtleneck and be hyper hip (yeah they are that cool).

Corduroy trucker jacket? You bet!

No seventies outfit would be complete without a corduroy trucker jacket. If you add a little fur on the inside things get even better. My recommendation is to go for a super slim fit with fur and wear it over a t-shirt with a nice band logo on it. You can throw in some bell-bottom jeans and a good leather belt with a buckle and some Aviator sunglasses. You might not be Brad Pitt, but he´ll be proud of you.

Cardigans, really

Last, but definitely not least before going into footwear are cardigans. Yes, those buttoned-up wool creations you probably keep in the back of the wardrobe are yelling for some Sun. The new trend, though, it´s based on oversized models in bright colors or big patterns. They are great pieces to wear on top of a more formal outfit and make people´s minds go ballistic about it.


When we talk about an outfit we definitely have to talk about footwear. Are there any surprises for this season? Of course, there are, but I don´t want to be a spoiler, so let´s go right into it.

It´s official: bring out the lace-up boots

Lace-up boots are great to add a stylish touch to your everyday life. You can choose any of the traditional colors such as brown, black, Bordeaux, or camel and combine them with those wider jeans. Maybe with the wool pants and an oversized camel coat? Lace-up boots are an eternal trend and this season finds them playing a starring role in prime time.

John, Paul, George, and Ringo would be proud; Chelsea boots!

Speaking of timeless looks, Chelsea boots are great for the colder months. They look great with a smarter, more elegant look than the lace-up models. Also, they are great for places where weather is inclement, or even hostile. The good news is that you can buy them in different colors such as navy blue and blend them in with your wardrobe easily.

Meet Chukka boots, your new best friends

Chukka boots? Yes, they are the third choice for boots and the friendliest ones to build a more relaxed, yet stylish outfit. They go great with your wool pants, your jeans, and come in many different colors including red. If you own a pair, you already are a believer, if not, don´t miss this chance; they are the warmest, most comfortable footwear for winter.

Monochrome sneakers

Just like the biggest brands chose to go with single-color suits, this season all-black, all-white, all-red, and all-blue are the way to go. You can also go for some sophisticated, bells-and-whistles models, but for style, keeping it simple and smart always pays off.

High-top sneakers

Autumn and winter are the perfect seasons for high-top sneakers. You can choose bulky, mountain-ready pieces such as Timberland, Solomon, or you can choose just regular high-top All Stars depending on the weather you´ll be facing the upcoming months.


Accessorizing properly is winning half the race. Perhaps is only a detail, but it´s the little things that go a long way. Let´s take a look at what to add to the above trendy pieces and take your outfits to the next level.

Swear by your cross-body bag

Cross-body bags are it. You might have refrained from buying one this far, but you can´t hold back anymore if you want to be trendy. My recommendation is that you pick at least two and start combining colors and textures with your outfits. Eventually, you´ll never leave the house without it.

Wear a watch? Keep it small

Not every man in the world likes to wear a watch. If you are part of this exclusive watch-wearing club, then you need to keep it small. The age of ostentatious, heavy timepieces is long gone and now it´s time for minimalism and good taste. Pick any color and model as long as you keep it small and simple.

Tote bags are back too

You are telling me that your stuff doesn´t fit inside a cross-body bag? Well, worry not because tote bags (and especially nylon-made, waterproof ones) are making it big in the world´s runways. Keep them handy because they are your new best friends when going out grocery shopping.

Get the facemask, please

Speaking of going out, you can´t do it without a face mask in many countries of the world. Since it is a mandatory trend, you might as well wear them in style with the rest of your wardrobe. For example, you can have a checkered one, a black one (of course), and I would suggest you acquire a red one, which is the trendiest color of the season.

Scarf-up your game

Scarves are definitely a must for these upcoming cold months. We spotted some in solid colors including red, checkered patterns, and some others in eye-catching color palettes. Enhance your outfits with the right choice and rotate them around so you won´t get bored and you´ll stay trendy.


Every season is a new, amazing challenge to face and change our wardrobe. The appearance of red as the season color was somewhat of a surprise but it is a great breath of fresh air among so much brown, black, and blue.

Cold months don´t have to be all about cold colors and boring, grandma-knitted sweaters. Spice up your collection with the right pieces and stay on top of the game. With the above items, you can make an impact with your style and attitude; don´t pass on that chance.

Happy autumn!

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