Martis Build Guide Mobile Legends

Martis: Ashura King

The Ashuran people are brave warriors, known to challenge themselves in order to hone their fighting skills and prove their strength in battle. To accomplish this, each believes they must combat the three thousand secret worlds of legend and achieve victory in as many as possible. Martis, known as the Ashuran king, is the only member of the Shuran tribe to ever defeat all of these fabled secret worlds. With his twin blades, known as the Ashura’s teeth, he is a powerful opponent with strength and ambition beyond compare. On the battlefield he is an intense fighter, skilled in reap and charge attacks that make him a brutal enemy to face. With his shockingly powerful powers he is a terror to meet in combat and will wipe out enemies just to further expand his abilities. For his team, he is a tenacious ally that will faithfully break through the barriers that stand in the way of their victory.


The passive skill Ashura’s Wrath increases Martis’ attack speed for every skill he uses. This can stack with each skill and lasts for a few seconds, allowing him to get a decent boost to help tear down his enemies quickly when he uses all his skills at once.

The first skill for Martis is known as Ashura Aura. This attack pulls targets to martis from the v-shaped area in front of him, damaging them on impact and placing a temporary speed debuff on anyone affected.

The Mortal Coil is his second skill which attacks any enemies in the area in front of him. When selected he will strike three times in a given direction, dealing damage to all enemies within the area of effect. Any affected enemies will be knocked back by the attack with each successful hit, and the directionality of the attack and the knockback can be changed during the duration. This can allow Martis to place enemies in vulnerable situations with his attack on top of dealing heavy damage. After the first effect, the skill can be selected a second time for Martis’ to charge and strike at one target, dealing damage on impact.

Martis’ ultimate skill is a charge attack called Decimate. With this, he lunges at a selected enemy and deals a brutal attack with his dual blades. If the target is slain, the skill skips it’s cool down and can be used again immediately. Martis will also gain an increase in movement speed for a short period, making him even more deadly. This is a monster attack, capable of taking down enemies with lowered health in a single strike.


Martis is an incredibly robust opponent with high offensive statistics that make him a brute on the battlefield. His durability is not too bad either, in the mid to high range, so he doesn’t have to worry about being slain as much as other heroes in the early game, although boosting these stats is still recommended. He is best in the side lane with his high statistics, able to work through the long distance and potential ambushes a bit more easily than other heroes. He is effective against turrets, monsters and creeps, and enemy heroes, so he can be versatile in the field of battle. His skill effects are average and he isn’t very difficult to use so an effective build will focus on boosting his strengths as much as possible.


For Martis, his build will focus on boosting his decent stats, focusing on his lower defense and durability first. He will also want items that increase his attack power and effectiveness, improve his agility, and allow him to use his skills more often.

The warrior boots will help Martis’ movement speed so he can move through the battlefield more swiftly. It also increases Martis’ defenses, with a passive that makes this improvement more pronounced for a short period after Martis’ takes damage from a basic attack.

The attack item Endless battle increases Martis’ powerful physical attack and improves basic skill strength for an extra bite from his Ashura’s teeth blades. It also gives a boost to health while activating a mana regeneration and a lifesteal perk. Finally, he will experience and increase in speed and lower cool down times for his skills.

Queen’s Wings give a massive boost in health with a bonus cool down reduction. This also further increases Martis’ attack power unless his health gets low, in which case the higher attack power will be replaced with a lifesteal perk until he gains his health back.

The Blade of Despair gives a small speed boost and majorly increases Martis’ brutal physical attack. When opponents are low on health his deadly attacking skills are boosted even more.

The gear Bloodlust Axe reduces cool down and increases damage for skills. On top of this, Martis’ will gain a passive of spell vamp, allowing any damage he deals to boost his defenses.

Immortality is a defensive item that allows the user to resurrect upon death with a small portion of their health and a temporary shield. With this passive, Martis will also find an increase in hp and a defense buff.

With this build, Martis’ defense stats become much more impressive, and his attack is strengthened to astronomical heights. If he can complete this build in battle, his late game will be a truly powerful sight to behold.


Martis will start the early game running the side lanes to build up money, experience, and kills. He is offensively very strong to begin with, so unlocking his skills and working to gain a few defensive items will be his goal as he works through creeps, enemies, and monsters along the lane. He can make small sweeps at the turret and may even take one down by mid game, but his main goal is to build up his attack and defense before his enemies can. Mid game he will likely remain laned, but he can move from one lane to another to assist his allies by ganking battles, pushing teamfights, and adding some extra attack force against turrets. By end game, with his stats boosted, he can push to eliminate the enemy team and drive through turrets quickly to make a final move against the enemy base. Martis’ plays every battle like an expert, swiftly defeating all that stand in his team’s way.

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