Losing weight during and after pregnancy

Losing weight while pregnant is not a good idea. Pregnant women gain relatively little weight in the first three months. Some even lose weight if they vomit frequently during this time. Until birth, however, the expectant mother gains some more kilos. For health reasons, those who gain too much and would like to lose weight during pregnancy, should better change their diet and become more active.

How to weight loss during pregnancy

Losing weight during pregnancy is best done with a change in diet and regular exercise. Pregnant women are best advised to discuss what this looks like in individual cases with their doctor. Regular medical examinations also help women lose weight in a controlled and healthy way or at least maintain an acceptable weight. Instead of dieting during pregnancy, it is more important to eat healthy and balanced. All four food groups should be included in the menu: protein-rich foods such as meat and eggs, dairy products, starchy foods such as bread and potatoes and, of course, fruit and vegetables. Nevertheless, the focus is more on general health than losing weight during pregnancy.

Incidentally, the biggest calorie traps are in industrially processed foods such as chocolate bars and fast food. Reducing these foods is the best way not to gain much weight. Sport supports a healthy lifestyle as well.

How to weight loss after pregnancy

Baby is here. Most women, therefore, want to lose weight after having a child. Breastfeeding, a balanced diet and exercise will help to lose those extra pounds. Excess pounds after childbirth could be gone with breastfeeding, proper nutrition, and regular moderate exercise. For health reasons, it is forbidden to do excessive sport and extreme diets. Losing weight after birth will take a little longer, but it will not harm your health, your body or the health of the child.

Weight loss after baby

How quickly weight loss works after pregnancy varies greatly from woman to woman. With these next tips, it could be a little easier.

  • Don’t stress yourself and don’t set your goals too high, rather enjoy the first few months with the baby.
  • Make sure you eat regularly to be prepared for the stressful everyday life with a baby.
  • Cook yourself as often as possible. That is difficult, but take the time, get your partner involved and cook quick, simple dishes in larger portions that you just have to freeze and warm anytime you like.
  • Exercise regularly, you don’t even have to run to the gym if you want to speed up weight loss. Take longer walks every day. You can also workout at home, watch videos on TV or on the Internet when the baby is sleeping.
  • Try to get as much sleep as possible. It’s difficult with a baby – no question about it, but try to sleep with the child as often as possible.

Most women want their old figure back as soon as possible after pregnancy. However, a little patience is required when losing weight, because the body must first recover from the birth. A little “baby fat” after pregnancy is absolutely okay and shouldn’t worry you too much. When the baby is bigger and starts to crawl, chasing it will also do a lot with some extra pounds.

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