Lawncare and fertilization services

There are many advantages of having a well maintained lawn for a home or other property. In addition to being a comfortable place for relaxing and playing, studies indicating that having a lawn can significantly increase the rental and resale value of a home. Hence many property owners in Sioux City and surrounding areas would like to have a lawn for their property, usually a home. While in some cases, the property owner may try to grow the lawn himself, they often find that the lawn is not what they desire. Hence it is advisable to hire the services of Sioux City Landscape, to save time and get a lush lawn

Lawn Fertilization

The grass in the lawn will grow well only if the soil has the required nutrients. The composition of the soil in different areas of Iowa will differ significantly. We will first carry out a analysis of the soil in the area, and to determine the right fertilizer for the soil. Then based on the type of grass which is to be grown, a suitable fertilizer will be applied to the soil. Usually a slow release fertilizer will be used. Composted waste may also be applied to the soil.

Lawn Care

We will consult our client to choose a suitable grass which will grow well in Sioux city weather and soil conditions. Lawn aeration making small holes in the soil, will be carried out so that the grass will grow well. Grass seeds will be sown so that the grass is uniform and grows well, replacing grass which may have dried or got damaged. Periodically the lawn will be mowed so that the grass is of uniform height, and comfortable to use. Depending on the requirement of the property owner, we can mow the lawn periodically, once a fortnight, or monthly.

Weed Control Service

One of the most frequent problems faced by those who have a garden and lawn are the weeds which grow profusely. In addition to using the water, nutrients required for the lawn grass, the weeds may be poisonous, and harmful. Hence it is important to remove the weeds and also ensure that the weeds do not grow again. We will examine the lawn to identify the weeds which are growing in the lawn. If there are only a few weeds, they will be manually plucked to remove them. For lawns with a large number of weeds, based on the type of weeds growing, suitable herbicides will be applied, to ensure that the weeds do not grow in future.

Outdoor Pest Management

Another problem faced by property owners is that outdoor pests like rats, mice, rabbits, squirrels, crows, sparrows and other birds can often dig up, eat up or destroy their lawn. Hence we will try to ensure that there are no holes in the ground or walls through which the rats, mice and rabbits can enter. Reflectors, scarecrows, bird repellents will be used to drive away the crows and other birds so that they do not dig up the lawn searching for food. We will periodically review the effectiveness of the pest control methods used and make changes if necessary.

Thus using our services to Landscape your property in Iowa will save you time and enhance the property value.

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