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It is recommended to install a video camera in the cars to assure you to get a third party and fully independent evidence to prove that in case of an accident you were not at fault. The dashcam is the latest in-car technology that can make it possible for you. But while buying a dashcam for your car you must also know how to install it and how can I hide my car dash cam. The information provided here under can be helpful for you in this regard.

How can I install a dashcam in my car?

It is normally easy to install a dashcam in the car. You can stick it on the windscreen of the car by wetting its rubber sucker and connect it to the socket of a cigarette lighter or a power point in your car by plugging through a power lead. It will allow your dashcam to start recording the inside views of the car as soon as you turn on the ignition of the car and will stop recording as soon as the car is stopped.

But you should install the dashcam a bit more carefully professionally and more modestly to make it look more elegant and stealthy. You can hide the power lead by tucking it behind the rubber seal of the windscreen as well as underneath the dashboard of your car. It will be better if you hide the lead of your dashcam on the side of the passenger seat as it will not tangle your feet if it falls down while driving.

How can I hide the dashcam in my car?

While hiding a dashcam in your car you will have to keep a few things in your mind like:

Hide the dash cam but keep it operative

While installing the dashcam in your car you should place it at an appropriate location insider the car so that you can operate it skillfully. For instance, you can increase the chances of catching a glance of the unwanted person or thief sitting on the seat of the driver if you install the dashcam on the dashboard facing the seat of the driver. To catch the dishonest activities of the people on the back seat you should install a spy camera on the front seat’s back.

Hide the dash can behind the decorative items put inside the car

You should hide the dashcam behind the immovable decorative items in your car to keep a vigilant eye on the unanticipated intruders in your car. These items can be the head bobbling craft pieces on the dashboard, clips of sunglasses on the flaps over your head, recyclable trash bags suspended at the back the front seat, or the objects hanging from the rear-view mirror, etc.

Slip the dash cam into the components of your car

You can also use certain components of your car to hide your dash cam. It can be the cushion on a car seat, speakers inside the car, or the back of the front seats, etc. where you can keep the dashcam out of the view of other passengers in the car. But to insert the dashcam successfully in a part of the car you will have to be more skillful so that it cannot be detected easily by anyone other than you.

Ensure the access to the network of the car even in the parking lots

In order to get alerts as well as videos of the images of the burglars trying to steal your car while parked in a distant parking lot, you must ensure to have access to a strong network as well as its accessibility to the dashcam hidden in your car and your phone.

Hide dashcam by installing a fake camera

In order to keep your dash cam out of sight of everyone sitting inside your car, you can install a dummy security camera inside it. This trick will prevent the passengers as well as intruders in the car to look for a hidden dash cam in it. It will also help you in keeping an eye on the rough handling of your car by unwanted intruders as well as your close friends.

Thus you can install a dash cam and hide it in your car by following the tips provided in this write-up.

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