Lack in Trust from the Public in Media

With all of the time, that people are staying at home and having little more time on their hands. People are starting to lose hope in the media and it’s the highest of all time. About only 40% of people, would slightly trust while about 60% of people would have no trust or little trust about trusting the news. Another thing that people are have shown, that the political parties play a huge part of who trust the media or not. Democrats have a whole 73% of them trust the media while only 3% of the Republicans and 6% of Independents. Republicans and Independents seem to question the media and not fully trust the media.

The first time that a group of people, that surveyed of how people truly believed on media and keep the information to compare to later on. That was in the year of 1972, a group that was called Gallup. According to the Pollster, :Trust ranged between 68% and 72% in the 1970s, and thought it had declined by the late 1990s, it remained at the majority level until 2004, when it dipped to 44%. After hitting 50% in 2005, it has not risen above 47%.” So, overall it seems like people are losing trust in the media because there are a lot more of different types media. Those different types of media, would allow people to think differently while, blindly trusting one news sources. Different parties have different way of thinking about media.

In conclusion, different times would cause people to think differently. It also happen to on who has more influence in the world,, such as our President. Many people are understanding that the media could be not fully correct because nothing is fully perfect. Another thing is that people are having more time to think about the media and understand what is being said.

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