Is It Ok for a Man to Wear a Necklace?

Many men would shy away from wearing anything at all that falls under the category of women’s fashion. However, when it comes to necklaces, there are so many styles and designs available that anyone can wear them without any reservation. So, yes it is perfectly all right for a man to wear a necklace. You can check out mens necklaces that can actually make you look attractive. Some people are of the opinion that jewelry only looks cool on younger men. But the truth is, a special piece of jewelry can actually make you look like a gentleman. What’s more? Women love it!

Types of Mens Necklaces

Men usually prefer necklaces that look more natural or are made from natural materials like wood, pewter, leather, or anything similar. Promise necklace for him is one such example. There are many ways to wear such necklaces including a short choker style or a long one. Mens chain necklace in sterling silver or platinum is another great choice. There is now a huge variety of these articles available on the market. Remember to buy one with a thicker gauge chain to distinguish it from a woman’s necklace.

Some men also like to go for heirlooms or something that have been handed down to them from generations. If you plan on wearing a chain around your neck, then consider buying one up to 20 inches in length. It is also trendy to wear multiple necklaces of varying lengths with a different pendant in each chain.

If you are looking for the best material for mens necklaces, it is undoubtedly sterling silver. It is not only affordable and high quality but also very versatile and classy. The best thing is, you can easily replace it with another necklace if you get bored with the look. Gold or platinum chains are more expensive and difficult to maintain. There are a few choices in this category, however, ranging from curb link and Cuban link to herringbone and the Franco chain.

However, if you want to make a bold statement with one of your jewelry articles, then it’s better to choose something extra ostentatious. The rope chain is probably one of the best necklaces for men available out there. It looks good on younger as well as older men. Since these rope chains are quite sturdy and long-lasting, you can wear them alone or with a charm. Gold chains are the most popular but some men may not prefer wearing solid gold due to religious reasons.


Men are afraid of wearing anything that is generally associated with women. However, when it comes to jewelry, they are also given the liberty to choose whatever style and material they prefer. It all depends on your personal preference to settle on the length, design, and material of the necklace you want to wear. Whether it will make you look tacky or attractive depends on how you decide to wear it. Some men even wear a necklace with a suit and tie. There are many styles and designs to choose from, so if you plan on buying one, choose wisely.

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