How to write effective e-commerce content for SEO

Unlike physical stores, e-commerce stores have no staff to describe their product and convince them to purchase it. Their primary tool for interacting with a customer is written content. But it’s not the only purpose of it. Well-written SEO content can bring new visitors to your e-commerce store too.

Most of the e-commerce stores struggle with eCommerce SEO mainly because of the evergrowing competition and changes and updates in the algorithms of search engines.

To help you stay ahead of your competitors, here’s a quick guide for writing effective e-commerce SEO content.

In order to write quality eCommerce SEO content, remember these 3 points.

1. Use Conversion Driven Keywords

2. 1000+ Words in Product Descriptions

3. Write Good Content, not SEO content

Use Conversion Driven Keywords

Keywords play an important role in any kind of SEO. You have to find phrases that your targeted users could be searching for on the internet. For example, if you’re selling black sports shoes on your e-commerce store, it will be a good idea to use the keyword ‘buy black sports shoes fast shipping’.

On the other hand, using very short keywords like ‘buy shoes’ is not a good option for a store that is new to ecommerce SEO. It’s because there’s already a really high competition for it and other high authority ecommerce stores will pop up on the first few pages.

Long-tail keywords work best when it comes to eCommerce SEO. It’s because a user searching ‘buy black sports shoes for men free shipping’ is more likely to convert than a user searching ‘buy black sports shoes’.

Use product specific keywords for every product description and try to include words like cheap, free shipping, fast delivery, etc to make your content even more effective. There are many different tools for keyword research on the internet. You can take their help to find out and use the perfect keywords that will boost your ecommerce SEO campaign.

1000+ Words in Product Descriptions

It’s a well known fact now that search engines rank longer content higher than a bit shorter content. Therefore, make sure that you write 1000+ words in each product descriptions. It will definitely boost your eCommerce store’s ranking.

If you’re unable to write 1000 words for each product page, make sure that you write descriptions for the top 5-20 products. It will tell Google what you’re selling on your store and will help it rank your store better whenever your targeted keywords are searched.

Write Good Content Not SEO Content

Any content that is solely written for SEO never turns out engaging. And if there’s no engagement, there’s no chance of conversion. That’s why it’s important to consider writing quality content rather than SEO content.

If SEO is important, good content is more important. Google reads your content and only well organized and structured content makes its way through to the top of search results.

SEO is good to a point where the content is easily understandable. Never leave that point behind.


eCommerce SEO seems tough but when done properly, it can really open the doors of unimaginable success. If you follow the above-given points while writing content for your eCommerce store, you will very soon start seeing better results.

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