How To Make Money As A Young Man

Being a young adult can be difficult. In relation to money, young adults are too old for parents to hand over money with no expectations, and too young to get a job. Naturally, these factors do not apply to every young adult, but there are a few general ways for young men or women to make money.

One way a young adult could make money would be: doing yard work. In the Summer or Spring time, it is time to cut the grass because it is allergy season. Also, cutting the grass on your yard shows that you take care of your home. This job could be year round because a yard needs maintaining throughout the seasons. When it is not being cut in Spring and Summer, it is being raked in Fall or shoveled in Winter. This job does require a lot of body strength, but in the end it is worth the money. If you wanted to make your own price rates for the work it would be best to make this according to the yard size. If the yard is on the smaller side then it would be best to charge about five dollars. If the yard is of average size then it would be best to charge ten or fifteen dollars. The most you should charge for a big yard would be twenty dollars. If you go beyond that price range than you are more likely to get no customers than you would with these suggestions. Although you may be in need of cash, it would be best to allow the client to decide the price for you. It shows the client that you trust their judgment and it allows the client to rate your work by the amount they pay.

Another way a young adult could make money is by pet sitting. Pet sitting can be a bit harder to manage depending on the animal. You would have to feed the animal, play to the energy of the animal, and clean up after the animal among other duties. Animals are just as important as human beings, so it is important that you treat them as such. The rates for the pricing should be similar to the yard work job. For smaller and easier to manage animals it should be about two to four dollars an hour. For a medium sized and more energetic type of animal then the price should range from five to ten dollars per hour. Finally, for bigger and more difficult animals the price should be from ten to thirteen dollars an hour. As suggested before, it would still be best if you allowed the client to choose the rate. If they are satisfied with your work and you allow them this freedom then they will want to work with you more often. However these rates will change if you are only walking the animal. In this case, the rate should be between one to ten dollars despite the size of the animal. This may sound bleak but if you walk multiple animals then you have a bigger chance of earning more money. Again, the price should be decided by the client.

Although this is a common suggestion for young adults, babysitting is also a great way to make money. Parents are always in need of help and they really appreciate when they can find someone whose schedule is mostly available. Babysitting is not too difficult which is why it is a popular job choice for young adults. Similar to pet sitting, you have to make sure you are prepared to take care of another living being. You have to feed the children, help them with their homework, play to their energy level, and so much more. This type of job can be day or night and most or any day of the week. The difference between pet sitting and baby sitting, beside the obvious difference in living things, is that the price range would be higher for younger children. This is mainly because toddlers or babies require more care and caution than older kids would need. When deciding on the rate you need to consider the age of the child and the number of children you have to care for. You also need to consider the time of day. These factors are important because they could affect your ability to work. For example, if it is the parent’s date night and you have to take care of their two toddlers you have to keep in mind that the parents may not be home till later in the night. You also need to determine if the kids had eaten, when their bedtime is, and when you should start getting the children ready for bed. Younger children are more difficult at bed or nap time because they want to stay up and play, so this also needs to be factored into the job. Do not feel overwhelmed by the amount of work because once you do it you will realize that it is way easier than it sounds, especially when you build a rapport with the family. This article will not feature suggested price rates for babysitting because too many variables are applied that the suggestions could be confusing. Discuss with your clients to determine what your hourly rate should be. This discussion should be included with any other questions you may have, such as:

  • What are the ages of the children?
  • Do they have any allergies?
  • Is there a certain time they should be in bed, or have their naps?
  • Do they have any special needs that I should be aware of?
  • What hours and days of the week will you need me the most? (So you can develop your schedule around this).
  • What are things that the children are prohibited from doing?

Your questions should revolve around these examples, but make sure to adapt them to your situation.

Finally, another way young adults can earn money is by getting a literal job. This suggestion is for people who are legally old enough in their state to apply for jobs, and for young adults who have friends and/or family members willing to allow you to work at their business. The great thing about this idea is that you get to gain different experiences and meet new people. These jobs do not pay well at first, but as you continue to work hard, your manager will notice which can have a good effect on your paycheck. An important thing to notice when looking for a job is to determine if it is only a summer job or if it is year long. An example of a summer job would be a lifeguard. Lifeguards are usually only needed for pools, and most pools are only open in the summer. An example of a year long job would be an usher at a movie theater. One thing to remember about searching for jobs is that they might not hire you. Do not start making changes to your life in order to adapt to a job you might not get. First wait for the confirmation, celebrate, then make those necessary changes. You also need to keep in mind that you do not set the hourly rate. Your employer will tell you what they are willing to offer you, and you could try to negotiate this price but it may not work in your favor. Remember that they do no necessarily need you, so they can find someone who is willing to work for the rate that they offer. Try to appreciate that you have a job, and that you are making money because everyone is not that fortunate.

In summary, young adults can find creative ways to earn money. This could be by working in the neighborhood,or by working for friends and family members, You could also earn money by working at a place of business that is willing to hire you. Do not be afraid to put yourself out there and try new things because different types of employers are looking for employees with different types of experiences.

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