How to identify a lady

There are many types of women out there men should keep an eye out for.

Though it depends on their own personal preference as to what kind of girl to go for a lady shouldn’t be that hard to spot, after all you can sense it whenever you meat one almost instantly.

First let’s break it down. What is a lady? Obviously a female. However the word “lady” itself, is a title or form of address that was once given to a woman of noble birth. In our modern era today it became a term of respect given to young girls or women who carry themselves as if they are one. You might hear parents address their daughters as a “young lady,” it may sound patronizing but it also indicates that the parent raised their child with the intention of her becoming a respectable woman someday.

Keep that in mind folks, a lady is a respectable woman or gentle woman.

Do not confuse a girl to be a lady.

Girls are wildlings. Ladies are chill.

Have you ever met a girl that just seems to have something special about her? It’s not necessarily that she’s hot but that she seems to carry herself with an unusual grace or perhaps she doesn’t seem to have any at all. You can just sense that she’s a sweet or an unexpectedly polite individual. But yet oddly enough she’s not necessarily talkative.

A lady is the kind of female, some “boys” can usually sense are “out of their league.”

It’s not necessarily because she’s too sweet or because she’s too popular. Instinctively, you can already tell that the lady before you is solid emotionally and mentally, (translation: It means they have their shit together).

Ladies respect themselves, they know what they want even if they may not be aware of it, some may seem wise or endowed with sharp intuition, so they’re less likely to be gas lighted or fall for your bullshit. Ladies have standards they expect themselves and their own future partners to meet. Which isn’t to say they’re controlling, materialistic or not down for trying new things. Simply put, for themselves, they know whether “This is it” or “This ain’t it”, and this isn’t to say their opinion on something can never be changed. They’re just… not as impressionable as normal girls. If you want to influence them, they’ll have to see you as someone that’s already trustworthy or interesting enough to respect and consider your opinion.

If you’re interested in dating a lady, it goes without saying that you don’t make a complete ass of yourself in front of her.

Don’t become too comfortable and self-admit yourself into the prison of friend zone,

but don’t be a total stranger either, try to infiltrate her social circle and grow on her a little before you ask her out. Since she may turn you down anyway if you ask her out as a stranger, unless you’re extremely confident in your good looks and charisma, it’s not recommended.

Ladies typically yearn for a man who is reliable, charismatic, funny, ambitious or someone with their own dream in mind, at the very least someone who can keep up with them and not get dragged through the relationship like a spare tire.

If you do get dumped or propositioned with the suggestion of a break up it’s either because she feels that you’re dragging her down and draining her like an emotional vampire or you lost her trust. No, you don’t need to be perfect, just be yourself.

Ladies aren’t for everyone but if you’re interested, here’s a heads up.

They aren’t the type to kiss you immediately on the first couple of dates, so don’t even think you’re going to be getting any PUH any time soon, at least, in the beginning. Because just like with her heart a lady doesn’t spread her legs that easily. Keep Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” into consideration about the “cos uptown girls don’t give it to yah.”

Some of you might already be shaking your heads. YOU can’t wait that long, YOU have needs.

This should be a clear indicator that tells you, ladies are not for you yet. But that’s okay, some of you saps might be thinking you have tons of girls lining up that are DTF.

“What a lady can’t do another girl will.”

You’d be exactly right if you were thinking something like that. You probably weren’t. Whatever.

“Another girl.”

A girl.

Are you picking up what I’m putting down here?

That said, there’s nothing wrong with girls.

They’re mentality is very… youthful, as to begin with most ladies are although not always older.

“Girls are very free and focused on “living” or “enjoying” things.

Which isn’t to say ladies are boring bitches that aren’t down to go on adventures, though typically some are content with content with chilling and sipping wine at home, the lady’s self esteem prevents them from disgracing themselves. For instance, having sex with a new partner, why?

To ladies a relationship can be like running a business. To prevent men from dine and dashing, a lady will let them fast until he’s either promised to invest or has already signed the papers promising to merge.

Meanwhile with girls this trait appears to be nonexistent, it surfaces at the most unexpected times. Which is why its not surprising that it’s mind boggling to men, the fact that those same girls wish to cover that nature and act like a lady. Because at the time when there were multiple partners they didn’t care about it being known. It’s not that the girl suddenly became regretful of her past or finds it shameful, it’s only that she doesn’t want to be judged by the rest of the world for her way of having fun. Not realizing that she had already exposed herself the moment she chose an audience to spread her legs in front of.

No, this isn’t to say all girls are hoes. Though at this point you may be unconvinced, girls don’t have self respect. That’s why they’re impressionable, manipulated and coaxed into toxic and abusive relationships. However, as all girls age, each and everyone without knowing it, embarks on a new life chapter and starts to adopt the mentality and mindset of a lady.

So you see, ending up with one is inevitable, regardless.

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