How To Fold Beach Towels

Beach towels are an essential part of our kit when we head to the shore. They are perfect for wrapping up wet children after a dip in the ocean. They also make great substitute blankets on the sand. The size of these towels means they are practical tools that offer more privacy and coverage. But, this excessive size can be an issue when storing them at home or transporting them to the beach.

That is where it helps to learn how to fold beach towels for less stress at home, or the beach.

In this guide, you will learn a few different methods of folding beach towels to see which works best for you. They are:

~ the basic 2 step fold

~ a neater 4 step fold

~ the hotel fold

~ the Konmari fold.

We will also consider the benefits of rolling towels instead and the importance of teaching this skill to your children.

What is your current method of folding towels?

Do you fold a beach towel a couple of times but still end up with a large messy shape? Or, do you give up and just stuff the towel into your bag to take it to the beach?

Folding beach towels – either when packing for the beach or storing them at home – can make a big difference. First of all, they take up less space this way. You might think that continually folding a towel like a batch of pastry just creates a taller shape that will topple from the shelf. There is some truth to that and we will discuss storage options later.

Yet, an unfolded towel takes up even more room because of the dead space in all the creases. You will notice this if you try and pack a folded towel into the corner of your trunk versus a screwed up towel in a bag. So, it is important to learn a more effective way to fold your beach towels and, where possible, pass this onto your children.

Basic beach towel folds for neat storage in the closet.

There are two common methods for folding beach towels. The first is the one that most of us probably use – the 2-step fold. Fold the towel in half, and then in half again to create something a quarter of the size. This works great for bath towels and hand towels. But, you still end up with something quite large when dealing with a beach towel. It isn’t the neatest option either.

An alternative option is to fold in half, bring the bottom third into the middle, the top third over that, then fold in half again to make a square. You may also find that you can fold it one more time. These folds in different directions create a nice compact shape that fits nicely on the shelf in the linen closet.

An important tip here is to smooth the towel out as you go. Remove the creases and wrinkles for straight edges as you fold. This is the case no matter which method you follow or else the final shape and look will fall apart.

The hotel fold for folding beach towels.

The hotel fold may be something that you already use for your own towels. This is a common choice in hotels and guest rooms because it makes the towels look so much neater and nicer, but is still quick and easy for staff.

Fold the towel in half so that you create a long rectangle rather than a square. This means folding in a different direction than most other methods. Then, fold each short end in toward the middle. Leave a small gap between them so you can fold those two sides up like a book. This should mean that all the edges and tags are hidden.

The Konmari method of folding beach towels.

When you search Google for tips on how to fold beach towels, one of the most common questions asked is “how does Marie Kondo fold beach towels?”. This woman has decluttered so much within the rest of our lives and taught us other clever tricks, so why not ask her? Many parents have taken on the Konmari method of folding, and apply this to other towels and sheets too.

The Konmari approach creates a nice looking shape with minimal effort. Fold the towel in half, creating a square shape. Then you need to create a neat rectangle, so fold it up again. Then, fold the rectangle in half in the other direction, and then in half again.

The effect of this folding technique is a nice-looking compact shape that is also quite sturdy. It is almost a cross between folding and rolling the towel for the best of both worlds. As you can see from this video, you can store the towels on a shelf or upright in a box.

Teaching your kids to fold towels.

When you choose the right method for folding beach towels, it helps to consider the other members of the household. You may be a bit of a neat freak insistent on precise angles and color co-ordination. But, what about your kids? Are they going to back off from helping you or play their part?

Your kids may look at some of these methods and think that they are too complicated, especially when they are impatient to head to the beach and in a hurry to pack. But, you can teach them to fold these towels as part of their chores. Let them practice the method on other towels and sheets too. This makes the whole linen closet uniform and neat. Start with the 4-step fold and then try other methods if they are interested.

Should you roll your beach towels instead?

One option for folding beach towels to save space is to not fold them at all. Many beach-lovers choose to roll their towels as this creates a nice compact shape that fits nicely in a large bag or in the trunk of the car. They may also retain their shape in transit. If you are the sort of person that likes to pack light and safe space with your clothes, you might also know that rolling t-shirts works too.

Rolling towels is also much faster and you can get your kids to do this pretty easily. Some kids may struggle to fold massive towels neatly and worry that they haven’t done a good enough job. Rolling takes some of that stress away and also frees up time for them to go and play.

Storing your beach towels at home.

Your choice between rolling or folding your beach towels may depend on how you store them. A poorly folded beach towel might not look great on a shelf, but a neat fold does mean that you can stack them fairly easily without much trouble. The risk comes when your kids pull a towel from the bottom of the stack and it all turns into a collapsing Jenga stack. There are options here.

First, you can stack the towels by color. That way, you are struggling with a nice blue towel underneath a stack of yellow. You could also have a separate pile of kids’ beach towels on a lower shelf. This way, they can pick up the one they want more easily.

An alternative storage option is to pack up your rolled-up towels inside a storage container or bag. You should be able to get a lot in there when they are lined up vertically. This also means that you can see all the colors and pull out the one you need without disrupting the rest of the towels. The downside here comes in finding enough space for the bag on the floor of the cupboard, or in the hall by the front door.

If you create a designated space for beach towels, you and your family will be more inclined to fold them and put them away. Traditional shelving in a linen closet is fine, but you can also use boxes, rustic buckets, and other approaches. Check out storage solutions online, such as pages like this one on Pinterest. They should provide plenty of inspiration for items that will fit in with your décor. The graduated color schemes on the nautical shelves are especially pleasing to the eye.

How to fold beach towels in a practical manner.

The five options above should give you some choice over how you fold your beach towels. There is no perfect solution that everyone should follow. The KonMari method may look great, but you don’t have to use it if it is impractical. The hotel fold looks great, but it does mean teaching kids to be neat and patient. If you want to stick with rolling up towels and putting them in a box, go for it.

The important thing is that you find a method that is simple, stress-free, and that works for your home and storage solutions. Give them all a try and see which you prefer.

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