How To Find A Regions Bank Near Me

Moved to a new place and finding it difficult to locate your nearby Regions bank? You’re on the right page!

Regions bank or Regions Financial Corporation is a reputed financial institution of the nation which has its headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama. The bank offers a broad range of financial services including commercial banking, stock brokerage, retail banking and so forth. The bank successfully operates across 16 states in the US with about 1,454 branches and about 1, 952 ATMs. So, finding a nearby Regions bank branch is a hassle-free process. However, if you live in a remote area or recently moved to a new city, you may find it difficult to locate your bank.

To help you with it, here are three easy ways to find your nearest Regions Bank.

Regions Bank Near Me – Find Your Nearby Locations

There are usually three ways to find a nearby Regions Bank branch. These include :

  • Using Regions Bank Locator Tool
  • Using Mobile Application
  • Contacting Region Bank’s Customer Service

Below is how you can use these ways.

1.Using Regions Bank Locator Tool

The first and the simplest way to locate your nearby Regions Bank is by using its Branch locator tool. Here is how you can do this with ease :

  • Go to your browser and search Regions Bank Locator tool.
  • Once you’re on the Regions Bank locator tool’s page, enter your ZIP or postal code along with the city and locality you live in.
  • Hit the search button. On doing so, all the nearby Regions Bank branches will be flashed on your screen.

Moreover, you can also go for more specific search results by setting some filters. To do this, look for a drop-down list near the Search button and click it to find options like: Branches Only, Branches and ATMs, ATMs only, Financial Advisors and so on. Select your desired option and select “Apply Filters”. There you have it. Depending upon your filter, all the results will be displayed on your screen.

Using Mobile Application

Another quick way to find your nearest Regions Bank branch is by using its mobile application. Here is how you can do this :

  • First, download the Regions Bank mobile application on your device. It is available at Play store for Android users and on iTunes for Apple users.
  • Go to the app on your device and look for the “Services” option in the menu.
  • Next, select “Branch /ATM Locator” option.
  • Fill in your postal or ZIP code along with other information such as your city, address, landmark etc.
  • Next, select if you’re looking for the “Branch and ATMs” or “Only Branches” near your area.
  • Select “List Results” button.

Once you’ve hit the search button, you will get a list of Regions Bank branches or ATMs near your place along with the map and directions.

Contact Customer Service

If none of the above-mentioned methods works for, you can call the customer care service. The executive will answer your each and every query and you’ll get your work done hassle-freely.

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