How to choose an engagement ring

Gone are the days when all a man needs to answer when buying the perfect engagement ring are these questions: emerald or princess cut? Yellow or white gold? These days, a lot of factors should be considered to be able to figure out the perfect method, place, and time of buying the engagement ring that will suit the bride. Because of all the overwhelming options now available in the market, this article will enumerate the steps needed to be able to come up with the best one, after taking into consideration all the different factors.

The first advice that one must remember when it comes to buying the perfect engagement ring is that the decision for choosing the best one should not be based on a trend that people are currently following at a certain point in time. The reason for this is because trends die down and it is the opposite of what an engagement ring should be – classic and a timeless symbol of a love that is shared regardless of how many years have already passed. Instead of looking to trends for guide, it would be a good basis to look at the types of jewelry that your partner is always wearing to be able to get a sense of their personal style. Is your partner more fond of wearing gold pieces that are minimalist? Then this should already be a good indication of what you should be looking for in a wedding ring.

It would also be a good idea to remember that the size of the stone in an engagement ring is not the most important thing, unless the couple makes it the most important thing. As a matter of fact, a lot of jewelry experts have said that many women are not too particular about getting an engagement ring that is flashy because most women care more now about whether they will be able to wear the ring all the time or not. Sometimes if an engagement ring is too flashy, women also feel awkward to wear it on their ring in public places because they do not want the added attention. And this is actually an empowering fact for women because it only means that women nowadays are not easily validated by the price or the size of the engagement ring that they receive from their partner as a sign of their love.

In choosing the perfect ring, the most common mistake that a lot of people commit is focusing solely on the stone when in fact, the same amount of attention should also be given to the frame because it contributes as much to the overall look and feel of the ring. If one focuses on the stone only and not on the frame, the tendency is that the two might not create a harmonious effect; so instead of achieving the specific look and feel that the stone creates, this might be negated by the frame if it does not match the stone that well. If you are not too sure about how a frame will affect the overall look of the ring, the best thing to do is to turn to experts who will be able to give you valuable insights about the engagement ring that you want to purchase.

In addition to not allowing the frame of the engagement ring to be an afterthought, it will also be valuable to remember that you should not be afraid to always think out of the box when it comes to considering possible options for the perfect engagement ring. The misconception that a lot of people often make is that when they hear ‘out of the box’ they automatically think that it already equates to being flashy and flamboyant. Looking for a classic design can often feel like a trap because it limits the possible options, but the mindset should still be to choose something that is not predictable, boring, and basic.

And because shopping for the perfect engagement ring can be considered as a really daunting task, the best thing that you can do as a man is to not do it alone. It would be better to have someone with you so that you will also be able to bounce off your thoughts and ideas with someone about choosing something that is as important as an engagement ring. As a matter of fact, it may even be a good strategy to ask advices from someone you know who has already given an engagement ring before; this way, you will be able to get first-hand tips, and even get a hold of reliable contacts for engagement ring sellers. Of course it goes without saying that you should ask help from someone whom you trust and whose opinion you value a lot. It might not be a bad idea also to work closely with a jeweler to be assured that all your decisions will be guided every step of the way.

When talking to a lot of people about various options for the perfect engagement ring, it would not be surprising to find yourself in situations where you are forced to commit to a specific seller. But this is something that you must resist doing unless you are 100% sure about a particular ring that you’ve been eyeing because this will allow you to have as many options as possible without having to think of the seller that you’ve already committed to.

Lastly. you must always remember that the perfect engagement ring will never be dictated by its price tag. No matter what the norms and opinions of people have conditioned us into thinking about choosing the most expensive one as the perfect engagement ring, this will not always be the case. Price is nothing more but numbers attached to a potential engagement ring that you are looking at; it should never be the basis of your purchase because the price can never justify the style and preferences of your partner when it comes to receiving the perfect engagement ring.

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