Necklaces and earrings will always be present in every girl’s feminine closet; many women feel strange if one day they are not wearing their favorite necklace and pendants; regardless of what your case is, we must understand and know how to choose a good necklace or accessory to accompany us always.

Depending on our physique, are fashionable necklaces with a good pendant. It is important to know the characteristics of our physiognomy to enhance our most favorable features with these accessories, so it is important to understand our type of neck, our height, and the shape of the face. Once you have mastered this, it will be easier to choose the perfect necklace and earrings.

Some pendants and necklaces arrive by way of gifts or because we may be obsessed and buy any accessory every time we go out. We must emphasize that although some classic necklaces and accessories will never go out of style and will always be with us, others change as trends go by, sometimes gold is more predominant than silver, other times gold, colorful, minimalist, tribal necklaces. In earrings, it is the same, depending on the trend, occasion sometimes long and quirky earrings or sometimes simpler and more discreet ones predominate.

Something fascinating about these accessories is that they complement the outfits, make it elegant or casual. That without forgetting that it gives the touch of color that is needed for that moment. Just remember not to recharge so much. The idea is to find earrings and necklaces that harmonize with the desired look.remembering that there are mens necklaces and mens pendants thanks to the ever-advancing society

When choosing necklaces, remember to know your type of neck. There are long, short, thick, thin necks, and each one has a kind of chain. If you have a short channel, perhaps the chokers do not favor you so much, neither do the necklaces with volume. The idea is to avoid chains that stick to your neck by doing so. See shorter. Your option will always be a long, beautiful, and subtle necklace to highlight your neck. And if you combine it with a look with a V-neckline, it will be a hit of the night.

For people with a long neck, all types of necklaces fit well. You have to know how to choose the style according to the occasion and your outfit.

If you are a short stature person, avoid short necklaces, since they do not favor you. Choose long necklaces to give a more stylized view and highlight your clavicle, providing space to the neck and will make you look more slender.

Both the women necklace and the mens necklace must have a suitable pendant that goes perfectly for both of them. that means something and reminds them of the commitment and why they decided to wear couples necklaces.

Do not forget that a good necklace and the perfect pendant combined in the right way, gives you character. So you have a simple style, and most importantly, it’s all about attitude; if you feel amazing with what you are wearing, that is what you will transmit and steal everyone’s glances.

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