How to Bypass DVD Region Code for Your Travel Souvenir Collections

Although the time of DVDs has passed, most of us still keep them to serve as reminders of all the beautiful moments we experienced, like shared moments with our friends and family that we recorded and the like. And we truly believe that today most of the people keep their favorite movies, music, TV series on the shelves in this format – DVD. DVDs have played a big role in our lives, and therefore it is quite understandable why we want to keep them as long as possible, to be long-lasting so that these memories last forever. Well, unfortunately, human memory will fade over time, so we need to preserve these memories and our DVDs.

Warm advice to all DVD collectors, keep in mind: DVDs won’t last forever, that’s a fact! The average lifespan of a DVD is approximately 15 years. And only in case when they are stored in optimal conditions. Extreme environments like moisture and hot significantly reduce their lasting. And with all this, there is another problem that even the slightest physical damage/flaw may damage not only your disk but also your device. If you thought that’s all – it’s not. What about if you have tons of copies, you need to arrange them at the proper place and in the proper environment to keep them safe? Mission impossible, right?

The solution is quite simple: Make a back up of any DVD with the same original quality

Wondering how? With the help of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum. You can easily create a copy of any DVD in other more suitable formats like ISO image, MPG, or any other general format without losing the slightest quality. Make DVD backups in MP4, 3GP, AVI, etc., for modern software like Cloud. It does support any protected movies (region code, Disney X-project DRM, CSS, etc.), old discs, “broken” DVDs, new releases, and many more.

What are desirable formats to back up our DVD collection?

We have good news, given that we live in a world where technology is constantly advancing day by day, it is now easier than ever to do this, and the options for this are endless.

Solution # 1: If you want to keep the original quality and to use it on almost any player, we would recommend the MPG.

Solution # 2: For those who have a lot of movies and stashes of DVD and want to make an easy transferrable format or space-saving and also play them on almost any modern devices like phones, smart TV, PCs, then rip DVD to MP4 format.

Solution # 3: To keep the file completely authentic and have everything on disc (tracks, the subtitles, options, etc.), choose DVD to ISO file to preserve the file structure.

What Makes WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Superiority?

The process of back up is not that simple as it may seem at first glance and cannot be done simply with any DVD ripper. Although most programs offer this type of service, you usually have to sacrifice some segments, be it quality, missing titles, sound trucks issues, lack of the right format, and similar things.

With WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, you get the widest range of possible options that guarantee your collection will be saved in the format you want, without any loss of quality and other specifications.

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