How Much Does a Bunny Cost?

Many people believe rabbits to be cheap animals to raise. They aren’t. In fact, the cost of raising a rabbit can be quite high. Many people would put it on par with that of a cat or a dog.

On this page, we are going to run you through some of the main costs associated with owning a rabbit. Please read this information carefully. When it comes to how much are bunnies, it is vital that you can afford the animal that you are adopting. You do want to give them the best life possible, right?

It is important to remember that all of the costs that we mention on this page are averages. You may end up needing to pay a little bit more for your rabbit and, in some cases, a little bit less. However, we do hope that you will end up having a rough idea of how much you should be paying for owning a rabbit.

The Cost of Adopting a Bunny

Many people have the perception that bunnies are cheap animals to adopt and, to an extent, we suppose they are. You can adopt bunnies for as little as $10 to $20. Even a pet store may have certain breeds at this price. However, this is just a ‘starter’ price. When it comes to the cost of a bunny, it is going to be heavily dependent on the breed. Some breeds can go for several hundred dollars, particularly if the rabbit purchased is a show quality rabbit.

While you will probably want to consider the cost when adopting a bunny, you will also need to think a little bit about which breed is the right one for you.

Cost of Rabbit Cage

Next up, you will need somewhere for the rabbit to live. Even if the rabbit lives indoors, it still needs its own private space to live in.

You can expect a cage to start at around the $60 mark, with some of them being a couple of hundred dollars. Make sure that you choose the ideal cage for your rabbit. They should have plenty of space to move around in, but the cage shouldn’t be so large that it makes them feel uncomfortable.

You will need a water bowl and a food bowl for the cage. We can’t imagine the cost of these being over $20, as long as you are not buying something fancy.

Cost of a Rabbit Run

If you want your rabbit to play outdoors, then you will probably need a rabbit run. Once again, the cost of this is going to be around the $60 mark. However, if you are particularly crafty, you can make your own one with some chicken wire and some wood for as little as $20.


Indoor rabbits will need a litterbox. You should train them to use this as soon as possible. This isn’t something that is going to cost a huge sum of money. The initial cost should be somewhere between $10 and $20. You do not need to use a rabbit litterbox for this. Any cat litterbox should work. There is no sense in paying a premium for something labeled ‘for rabbits’ when something much more common for cats would work, right?

Spaying or Neutering the Rabbit

This isn’t really something that needs to be done unless you own multiple bunnies of different sexes and you do not want them breeding. Expect the cost of this to be between $100 and $200. If you are adopting the rabbit from a shelter, then there is a strong chance that this would have already been done. However, there is also a strong chance that it would have been factored into the adoption fee. Obviously, you should ask to make sure!

Grooming Kit

Rabbits need grooming. Thankfully, you do not need to have any sophisticated equipment here. Just a few brushes. We can’t imagine this would cost that much more than $10-$20. The one exception to this rule is if you have a rabbit known for having thick, bushy hair. It may cost a little bit more to groom them, and some pet owners will take their rabbits to a professional groomer instead. This, of course, will cost money.

Food and Hay

Expect this to cost around $150 a year. This is purely for standard hay and dry food pellets. If you are going to be feeding them some fresh fruit and vegetables (which you should only be doing on occasion!) then you can add maybe $20 onto this each year, unless you give them leftovers, which most people do.


The bedding for a rabbit needs to be changed frequently, and this can be quite costly. In fact, it is probably going to be a lot more expensive than the food. Expect to pay $200 per year for quality bedding.


These will not be a one-time expense. Rabbits will completely destroy their toys, so you will probably need to be replacing them multiple times per year. We estimate $20 or so a year for a simple set of rabbit toys. You may end up needing to replace them more often than this and thus spend more if your rabbit is a bit more aggressive in the way it plays.


Treats could set you back $10 to $20 per year. Remember; rabbits should not be getting treats all that often, hence why the cost is so low. Treats should be given a couple of times per week at the most and, even then, you won’t be giving them that many treats. A single small pack could easily last a whole month, and these small packs of treats cost barely anything.

Vets and Insurance

Budget around $100 a year for this. Even if you do not take the rabbit to your vet, put that money to one side. This way you can have some money to use should the worst end up happening.


As you can see; when it comes to how much does a bunny cost, the cost will start to stack up rather quickly. This won’t be a cheap pet to own but, we promise you, it can be a very rewarding animal to own. You will be surprised at how affectionate and charismatic bunnies can be.

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