How long does Nair last before hair grows back?

Whenever you buy a product or choose a service, you want a guarantee that it will be effective. For example, if you choose a certain type of method for removing unwanted hair, you want a guarantee that all the hair in our target area will be removed with as little side effects as possible. However, your choice can also be influenced by how long the results last.

For those who are not interested in experiencing the hair-pulling pain of waxing, or spending too much money on laser hair removal, then you are stuck with the choice of shaving and hair removal creams like Nair. If you’re looking for longer-lasting results between the two, then Nair is what you need. So I guess the question is, how long does Nair last before hair grows back?


Nair is a depilatory cream that uses a chemical formula to break down the protein bonds in the hair. The chemicals also dissolve the root of the hair so that you can simply use a washcloth to wipe away the hair, or you can rinse it away with water. The active ingredients in the product consist of potassium hydroxide and calcium thioglycolate. These are the chemicals that essentially eat away the hair so that all that is left are particles mixed in with the cream to be washed off.


If you are going to compare the results of Nair to shaving, you first need to understand how hair removal creams differ from shaving in terms of what happens to the hair. Shaving merely cuts the hair from the surface level. All the hair within the skin, including the root, remains behind. As hair is always continuously growing, you can expect to see some stubbles already growing the day after you shaved. Some people who shave in the morning are even likely to feel the hair growing back at the end of the day, while others whose hair grows slowly can experience up to two days of silky smooth skin.

Hair removal cream like Nair, on the other hand, dissolves even the roots of the hair, which means that the effects will last longer, but not by much. Some may go 4 or 5 days before new hair grows back, while others can go almost 2 weeks with silky smooth skin. It all depends on the growth rate of your hair, which differs from person to person. The best part about the new hair that grows is that it will be softer and thinner. So not only are you left with hairless skin for a slightly longer period of time, but you don’t have to worry about dark and embarrassing new hairs when they eventually grow back.

If you compare Nair with waxing, though, the long-term results are not the same. You’re probably wondering how dissolving hair roots and pulling hair out from the roots differ. The hair follicle is not damaged enough by the chemicals in hair removal creams to hinder the growth rate of hair over time. Not like waxing, which damages the hair follicle with trauma every time you pull the hair out. Eventually, the hair begins to grow back slower and slower, oftentimes resulting in a decrease of overall hair growth. This means that after a long time of waxing, you will note that fewer hairs grow back.


If you are looking for a magical formula that calculates exactly how long it takes for your hair to grow back – there is none. There is no way to determine how long it takes for the hair to grow back, whether you shave or use hair removal cream. The reason behind this is due to the fact that everyone’s hair grows at a different pace, and there are several factors that can either hinder or stimulate hair growth.

Genetics is one of the key factors in determining the color, texture, and speed at which your hair grows. If your dad is very hairy all over his body and the color of his hair is black and the texture is quite coarse, then there is a good chance that you will inherit the same thing. IF you are a woman, it might not be as bad, but you can still expect to grow more hair than your peers. Some people, both men and women, are even blessed with hairlessness. Due to genetics, you will even notice that Asians tend to be less hairy than their western counterparts. However, it is not the only factor that plays a part in your hair growth.

One common factor that hinders hair growth is age. You will notice that the older you get, the thinner and slower your hair will grow. This refers to hair all over your body. Older people also tend to have a weaker immune system, and general health can also affect your hair growth. As their bodies begin to decline, so does their hair.

Hormones are another major factor, and they play both ways. If your body produces too much testosterone, you will very likely grow plenty of hair all over your body. This is why men are typically hairier than women. Testosterone is also responsible for why men grow hair on their face, chest, and back as well. Another hormone that also plays a part in hair growth is androgen. However, in your adult years, androgen can also play a part in minimizing hair growth, like when you experience a receding hairline on top of your head.

All these factors and more like stress and medication can influence the speed at which hair grows back. People with hair that grows slowly are likely to go 2 or 3 days without shaving, or 2 or 3 weeks without reapplying their hair removal cream. On the other hand, the unfortunate few with incredibly fast-growing hair are likely to feel a rough stubble at the end of the same day that they shaved, and they probably won’t go a week before needing another depilatory cream treatment.

At the end of the day, hair removal creams like Nair offer longer-lasting results in comparison to shaving. Instead of adding hair removal to your daily routine, it can become a once-a-week or once-every-other-week process. It’s also a preferred method if you’re hoping to get rid of the roughness that that shaving leaves behind, and trade in the softer and finer hair that grows back.

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