How an agricultural drones ppt can help you choose your farming drone

By accessing this agricultural drones ppt, you have the chance to get familiar with the best farming drones on the market. While experiencing a growing competition, farmers need new technologies and investments to help them stand out from the pack with higher quality products. This presentation comprises the most efficient agricultural drones on the worldwide market that make farms grow at a rapid pace and bring impressive incomes.

DJI Agras MG-1

This is the most advanced version of a drone sprayer from the Chinese drone giant, DJI. The drone performs two basic roles: pesticide spraying and field surveying. Agras is packed full of smart systems that help plan the flight, monitor the crop and spread the fluid with high precision.


1. Surveying software

The aircraft is equipped with a software that allows to scan the crop field, being assisted by a camera with a 5-spectrum sensor that offers a clear image of each plant. This software can serve you either for inspecting the condition of your crop or during the pesticde spreading, helping identify the areas in need of more treatment and provide an accurate spraying.

2. High speed

Having as much as 500 acres can make you spend a lot of time spreading the pesticide manually or using an average quality sprayer drone. Agras will do it significantly faster, being packed with 8 propellers fitted with a powerful motor each that help the drone develop a high speed, managing to treat 10 acres in one hour.

3. Efficient spraying technology

Being equipped with 8 powerful propellers allows the drone to take a heavy load on board. Unlike small pesticide sprayers, this giant octocopter has a tank of 10 litres, which gives you the chance to spread pesticide on a larger area without having to land the drone to fill up the tank.

Parrot Scorpion

This one is one of the most efficient sprayer drones on the market coming with a precise spreading mechanism and a fixed-wing design. It is also chosen by many farmers for having the best price-efficiency ratio.


1. Incredible precision

The drone boasts an impressive spraying system with a unique mechanism of targeting the crop at any its level. The built-in sensor helps adjust the height according to the terrain relief, while the pipe nozzles help control the speed of spraying depending on the drone’s speed.

2. Quality imagery

To help you control the spraying process, the device is equipped with a camera, enforced with a color-sensitive Parrot Sequoia Sensor, that records the terrain in detail allowing you adjust the speed, height and direction. The image provided is high-quality, giving you the opportunity to inspect the crop to the finest detail without damaging it.

DJI Matrice 210

Besides crop sprayers, DJI launched also a drone, meant to help cattle growers. Particularly, the farmers are assisted in monitoring the lifestock and checking the quality of the crew’s work.


1. Two cameras

The aircraft is mounted with an infrared camera that helps track the lifestock from a distance and ensure that none of the animals gets lost. Additionally, the thermal imager allows the farmer to notice any predators that may endanger the lifestock. Moreover, it can also help the crop grower identify animals that invade the crop area and damage it, such as: hares, fieldmice and birds. The drone is also equipped with a powerful-zoom camera that assists at monitoring the cattle as well and inspecting the farm crew.

2. Extended flight time

Being packed with two powerful batteries, the aircraft can fly 38 minutes at an average speed. This allows you to carry out a quality monitoring work, without recharge breaks that may lead to missing out on important events happening in your farm.

To sum up, if you are looking for an efficient tool that can make your farm life easier, there are three agricultural drones that are worth giving a try. Dji Agras MG-1 is a perfect sprayer drone that has huge tank of 10 litres and can perform fast surveying of vast terrains. Parrot Scorpion is a super precise sprayer that allows for impressive pesticide savings. If you grow lifestock, though, you can buy DJI Matrice 210 drone that uses its infrared imager and ultra-zoom camera to monitor the animals and farm workers from a distance.

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