House Blessing Prayers With Holy Water

The holy water, is water that is sanctified in a ritual in the church by a priest, in this ritual the Holy Spirit is invoked to descend on the water giving him the blessing.

Unlike ordinary water, holy water sanctifies everything that comes in contact with it, cleanses bad things and provides protection against spells, works and rituals that try to cause evil.

Looking for protection for the home, for the place where one resides is something that can be done, when speaking of house blessing prayers with holy water, and there are many prayers using holy water to protect our home.

When house blessing prayers with holy water?

When in a home there are frequent fights and arguments between the different members of the family, one must pay attention, this is not a normal situation, if the environment is rough, the people inside the house feel heaviness, they feel irritated by any circumstance, they are not very tolerable to any situation.

And on top of all this, strange things begin to happen, like the lights going out or turning on by themselves, strange noises begin to be heard, accidents happen very often in the kitchen, meals are burned, dishes are broken without any explanation, pots appear with holes, and even bent spoons appear.

All these events are a very clear sign that there are dark forces within the home, and house blessing prayers with holy water are urgently required, so that the evil is not greater.

To seek protection in these cases we leave this prayer to you.

Prayer of holy water to remove evil from the house

This prayer should be performed on a night that is the beginning of a waning moon, the effect of which will be the lessening of evil in the house.

The first thing to have is the materials or ingredients we will use

  • Blessed water
  • Romero Branches
  • 9 leaves of Laurel
  • Lavender flowers
  • Incense
  • Vegetable coal
  • Phosphorus
  • White candle
  • 1 glass container
  • 1 Mud container
  • Sea salt

How to do the Prayer

  • Before performing the prayer, place about three pieces of charcoal in the clay pot -Light with the matches, to help in lighting the charcoal use the white candle, light it and drop melted sperm on the coals.
  • Once the coals are lit, empty the incense on them, the incense is known as the source of the divinity, it is used to connect with very high energy vibrations, and to provide protection.
  • Add the 9 laurel leaves and lavender flowers to the bowl of the lit charcoal with the incense.

The laurel generates connection with the divine, with God, and exerts a protective force and purifies the house, it is a plant used to reject evil, it protects from all bad energies of low vibration.

Lavender, as its name means to wash, has the characteristic of purifying, attracting peace, tranquility, harmony and love to the home.

  • Pour holy water into the glass container
  • With the branch of rosemary make a kind of brush, introduce it into the holy water and with it, you will sprinkle the holy water on the places of the house, where you will be passing, while you are saying aloud the prayer, in each place with the clay container where the incense is burned, the laurel and washing it you will smoke before spreading the holy water.

Start smoking the place of the house farthest from the door that leads to the street and begin spreading the holy water, repeating this action in every corner of the house until you reach the entrance of the house, all this will be done while you are saying the prayer.

Prayer to pray while pouring the holy water.

By the great power of God I eradicate from my home

Every evil force that exists in him (While spraying the water you will say the following phrases)

Just as Jesus Christ cast out the demons of the Baptist in the Jordan

with that same water I expel from my home all evil and danger

In the name of the father, the son and the Holy Spirit (As you say this you water the holy water in the form of a cross)

My house is like Eden, where only good will live

In the four cardinal points it has the presence of the

Holy Trinity, so that neither spirits nor forces of evil may enter it

With this holy water I turn my house into a castle where only love will dwell and harmony

With this holy water I chain and expel witches and demons

With this holy water, I sow peace and tranquility in this house

of all who dwell in it

In this house dwell God, Jesus Christ our Lord, and all his angels and archangels

so no demons, no witches, no drones will enter it

From this you will be expelled to the depths, for here lies good with the great power of the merciful God present in this sacred water (Pour water with the Rosemary branch)

So be it, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.


When you arrive at the entrance of the house, repeat the prayer in full, and pour the holy water in the form of a cross repeatedly.

When the action on the whole house is concluded, you pray three continuous creeds; this is a praise of invocation, so that the three divine persons may be in our house, definitively banishing any evil existing in it or trying to enter it.

Mix the ashes of the clay pot with enough sea salt and scatter it all over the corners where you preached the prayer, leave it all night, the sea salt moves away, destroys bad energies, drives away evil spirits and reinforced with the protection of ashes of incense, lavender and laurel, will complete efficiently the purification of your home.

The next morning you must clean the house, starting from the farthest place at the entrance until you take out the waste from the house and discard it.

This and all the prayers you make must be performed with deep faith, with the certainty that your house will be cleansed of bad energies, of spells and of all the evil that unscrupulous people may try to cast upon you, your family and your.

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