Handy Tips on How to Drive Around School Zones and School Buses

Drivers are responsible for keeping both children as well as pedestrians safe. In particular, drivers are required to be extra cautious around school zones. Special driving laws designed keeping children’s’ safety in mind cover school zones around the globe and though most drivers are aware of these laws, children do not always know and understand them. Thus, the onus falls on drivers to make sure all the rules are being followed in school zones.

Handy Tips on How to Drive Around School Zones

Drivers, therefore, must remain extra cautious around school zones, playgrounds and parks where children are present in a high number. In these areas, children often come running on streets and therefore, one must ride at a slow speed and while being completely present on the road. Here are a few simple tips on how drivers should drive around school zones and other areas where children are present in high numbers.

  • To start with, be completely present on the road. Make sure your mind does not wander and you are not thinking about something else while driving your car in a school zone.
  • Never drive your car at a high speed in a school zone. If you are driving at a very high speed, you won’t be able to control your vehicle in case a child comes running towards it.
  • At red lights, make sure to stop a little ahead of the crosswalk and give pedestrians enough space to cross the road easily. More importantly, once the light turns green, do not hurry. Let the pedestrians cross the street properly.
  • Try to avoid overtaking vehicles as much as possible.
  • Never ride in a hurry. Listen to crosswalk attendants and school patrol officials.

Handy Tips on How to Drive on Roads with Young Bicyclists

The driving rules that govern drivers in school zones also stand true for bicyclists. Unfortunately, young bicyclists are not old enough to understand most of these rules. Thus, if you are driving on a road that has too many young bicyclists, be careful. Here are a few things you can do to protect young bicyclists while driving on a road that has too many of them.

  • Drive slowly and be attentive while driving. Keep an eye out for young bicyclists coming out of unlikely places, such as small lanes and the space between parked cars.
  • While driving, if there is a bicyclist ahead of you, make sure to maintain ample distance between you and them.
  • Lastly, always keep checking in the side mirror for any young bicyclists coming from behind. Further, make sure to look the check the road properly before opening your car’s door.

Handy Tips on How to Drive Around School Buses

There are certain important rules that car drivers must know while driving around school buses. To start with, all vehicle drivers in the US must know that it is illegal to overtake school buses. If a traffic police officer sees you overtaking a school bus that has stopped to drop children, they will most likely impose a hefty fine on you. Further, drivers in the US are advised to keep a distance of at least 10 feet between their vehicle and the school bus.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind while driving around school buses.

  • If you see that a school bus is going ahead of you, slow down and drive cautiously.
  • Make sure to maintain some distance between the school bus and you.

The Final Word

While driving, one must assume that it is the driver’s responsibility to protect everyone on the road. This becomes especially true when one is driving around school zones or on roads where kids are present. In general, car owners must drive slow and stay fully present on the road while driving. However, they must be even more careful when children are present on the road. We hope this article has given you a good idea of all the rules drivers must know and follow while driving around schools and parks as well as on roads frequented by children and young bicyclists.

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