Haircut styles for a modern gentleman

For some reason, it is not a common knowledge that there are a lot of available haircut styles for a man that are available; maybe because these options are just not being explored most of the time. As a matter of fact, there are even very trendy hairstyles available for men, one of which is when men choose to maintain the sides short, while the top part longer; a lot of men subscribe to these haircuts because they are not only very unique, but they are also very easy to style. The truth is that there are no set of rules that would apply to every man who wants to style their hair because it really depends on one’s style and preference. Because of this, some of the top rated haircut styles for a man will be discussed further.

Slicked Back Undercut

One possible hairstyle cut for a man is the slicked backed undercut that displays a mix of both modern and classic styles and this is very ideal for men who have medium-length hair. This is also the perfect hairstyle for anyone who wants to have a very low maintenance hairstyle because all it would take to style this is blow-drying while also using a hairbrush to be able to style and direct the hair accordingly. The final touch would only require one to apply any type of pomade to keep the hair in place for a longer period of time to ensure that the hair will stay stylish without being too unruly.

Long Comb Over with Low Fade

One of the most popular haircut styles for a man is a long comb over combined with a low fade; this is the hairstyle choice for many people because it is very bold, but at the same style still maintains that classy look of men who wear it. The good thing about this haircut is that it adds a very good contrast for the deep parts of the cut and adds height to the style, and at the same time also gives a clean and neat cut because of the low fade. Again, using a pomade to style the hair can be a huge different because it helps gentlemen add control over their hair without really making it stiff.

Short Quiff

This is probably the most popular hairstyle cut for a man because a lot of gentlemen ask for this cut in barbershops. What makes this haircut style for a man attractive is the fact that it adds volume to the hair, while at the same time also giving gentlemen a different personality while having this hairstyle. The good thing about this style is that it has a very clean cut look that even professionals will not think twice about maintaining this type of cut for their hair because it makes them look put together. This is recommended for people who have at least three to four inches of hair on top, and one would only need to apply a minimal amount of pomade to keep it looking stylish all day long. This is the most popular option for people who want to always look presentable regardless if it is for work or it is just a personal preference.

Side Swept

The modern hairstyle is definitely one of the best haircut styles for a man because aside from being trendy, it also effortlessly makes any guy look hotter than ever. This is especially appealing for guys who are also maintaining a beard because that along with this hairstyle would frame the face beautifully; aside from that, those guys who also have hair that has a length of 3 up to 5 inches long would be able to pull off this haircut. The best way to style is to brush the hair to one side so that it maintains its texture and to also give it a naturally messy look in the process; a pomade would be the best partner to ensure that it will retain its style for a long time.

Short and textured

For those who have wavy hair, keeping it short and textured is considered as one of the best things that a man can do because it gives off a very professional look, but at the same time it is also casual enough to fit right in situations like going out for a drink. This is the perfect style especially for guys who maintain their hair to only 2 to 3 inches; it is a common misconception that just because a guy’s hair is short then no styling can be done to it already. Not brushing the hair with this kind of cut will actually look even better especially when it is paired with a pomade that can help hold the hair and give it more texture. The good thing is that this cut will be able to highlight the features of a person’s face because the hair is just nicely styled on top and not touching any part of the face.

Long hairstyle

A lot of gentlemen also prefer to grow their hair long because this gives off masculine and sexy look, while at the same time still being fashionable. The advantage of this look is that guys don’t even have to bother fixing and styling their hair because the messier it is, the better it looks; and a lot of gentlemen see this as a more convenient option. This is also the perfect hair style for guys who have thin hair because it style while keeping it a bit messy adds to the overall volume of the hair; one would only need to run their fingers through their hair as a way of combing and applying some hair product on it and then they are good to go.

With all these different haircut style for a man, anyone would not have a hard time finding the perfect one what would suit their needs and preferences when it comes to how they want to maintain their hair. It seems like the possibilities are actually endless because if one is adventurous,

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