Goldfish Care

The goldfish tank decor should be done taking into account certain factors, the main thing is to create an environment that firstly is adequate and beneficial to the fish, then set the decorative aspects to the outside looking for a piece that will cheer and decorate the environment where it will be located.

Important aspects for the tank set up and its decoration

The size of the aquarium and the amount and size of fish that will be put in it, should be the basis on which to select the accessory tanks and other elements that will make up the goldfish tank.

Let’s see these elements:

The substrate

You can choose between sand, gravel or stone floor, you must make a good selection of this element because the function it fulfills has to do with the health of the fish.

The sand ones that have a natural color provide the fish with a sense of direction, the gravel one’s produce an ideal environment where bacteria that benefit life inside the tank develop. Another important thing about the substrate is its thickness, and it is recommended that it be 2 to 2.5 inches.


The most normal thing that you see in all the aquariums is the use of different plants, they provide pleasant color and a natural touch to the aquariums, the plants for aquariums are obtained in the stores and apart from the natural ones, there are then of synthetic materials that have the most intense colors that the natural ones, have the advantage of not requiring maintenance, both serve to hide the fish, but the natural provide greater welfare to life within the aquarium, fish waste, used by these plants in their breathing and as waste make oxygen emissions, stabilizing the pH levels within the tank.

Diverse decorations of Accesories Tank

Among a great number of attractive things that serve to decorate the aquarium are natural and artificial rocks, a great variety of corals, sunken ships, windmills, castles, frogmen, divers, treasure chests, open oysters, etc.

Before selecting any of these decoration elements you should take into account that you should not exhaust the space inside the tank, the most space should be dedicated to the fish.

The placement of corals and pieces of wood can infect the aquarium water with parasites causing damage to the fish.

Try as much as possible not to place elements that are not special for aquariums, use plastic, copper or other harmful material, especially copper is very toxic to fish life.

Using the technology is not a guarantee of great success in the aquariums, there are many with very complete equipment, with sophisticated devices and the presence that they transmit is that of a place off and decayed, the complex devices that contain in many cases difficult to maintain it, while others with very few technical instruments, transmit more color, more life and more nature, and it is because the most important thing is the proper maintenance and control of water, temperature and light, so that the ecosystem that exists within the tank is a faithful copy of any enviable natural environment.

Finally, remember that to saturate a decoration is to spoil its attractiveness, simplicity and plainness in many occasions has more value than opulence.

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