Gaming: PCs vs. Consoles

PCs vs. Consoles

The debate between gaming PCs and consoles isn’t new. Both have “die-hard” fans. Most importantly, gaming PCs and consoles have their own unique pros and cons, making the comparison subjective. While it all boils down to factors like preferences and budget, we’ve discussed the subject in depth.

Ideally, consoles are great for casual gaming, while gaming PCs are perfect for individuals looking for additional features and choices. Here’s more information to help you make an informed decision in the decades-old battle of PCs vs. Consoles.


If you are focused on picking the best gaming tool in regards to graphics, PCs are undefeated. The hardware inside the latest gaming PCs outperforms the parts installed in the latest consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Gaming computers can accommodate gameplay in higher graphics settings imaginable today than consoles. Gaming PCs also offer smoother frame rates. While 30fps is the standard for playability, PCs can offer up to 60fps offering an unmatched gaming experience.

Game selection

Gaming computers also stand out for offering the best variety of games. There are many PC game platforms where you can browse, purchase, and even launch your own games. The same can’t be said about major console game platforms. PlayStation and Xbox game stores don’t offer as much variety as PC game stores. There are more PC games than there are console games today.

It’s also worth noting that some game genres i.e., MOBAs, MMOs, and strategy games are missing in console game stores. PCs also stand out for offering a better indie scene and mods.

While there’s no significant gap between PC and console game releases nowadays except for some perfectly timed exclusive titles, PCs dominate the most critical factor about gaming – game selection. Some console games may never find their way to PCs, but nothing beats PCs in regards to game selection.

There’s also a significant number of certain games accessible to PC gamers long before they are accessible to console gamers. PC gamers are usually the first to get certain games, the most notable examples being “Minecraft” and “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds”.

Mods (modifications)

PC gaming also benefits from modifications made by tech-savvy gamers. Many aspects of PC games can be enhanced i.e., graphics and content. Popular games like GTA V are great examples of games that have enjoyed unmatched “modders” attention.

Modifications make a game look better than normal. They also come with added features i.e., weapons and humor. PC gaming gives you the unique ability to choose how you play. While console controllers are generally favored, the mouse and keyboard offer better functionality for novice gamers in regards to certain games (shooting games).

Most importantly, PC gamers can still use identical console controllers and joysticks so they don’t loose on anything. Special features like assisted aiming available with gaming PCs lock on targets better when you are aiming at a general direction.

While console gamers are confined to standard controllers, PC gamers can play with whatever they like best. They also get to play on feature-packed monitors or TVs instead of being confined to the latter. Consoles games are optimized to work on TVs. Gaming monitors have additional features that are foreign in TVs. For instance, console games can’t fill up ultrawide screens (21:9).


The PC vs. Console pricing comparison can be explored in regards to system, display, controller, game, and membership pricing.

The latest consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) cost approximately $400. The new PS5 will cost approximately $500 for the standard configuration (with a disc-drive) while the digital edition will cost approximately $400. An Xbox One console costs approximately $500. The Xbox Series X will cost approximately the same when it is released on 10th November 2020.

The best gaming PCs cost way more. However, if you are building your own gaming PC with used hardware, the cost is roughly the same or lower. What’s more, gaming PCs can always be upgraded with new parts. The same can’t be said about consoles.

In regards to display pricing, PCs win given you can find gaming-ready monitors for less than $100. 1080P HDTVs cost twice as much or more. Controller pricing is better for PCs with console controllers costing up to twice the price of a good Logitech keyboard and mouse.

Console games are also more costly than PC games. While the price of physical games may be comparable, PCs “take the day” in regards to digital game pricing. Steam is popular for its sales. The platform offers a wide variety of games coupled with frequent offers and great discounts on all types of games, including the most recent AAA games. PC game stores face competition that keeps prices low. The same isn’t true for PlayStation and Xbox game stores. Most digital games sell at the same price as physical copies and hardly see any decline in prices unless there are sporadic sales, which aren’t as numerous or generous as for PCs.

There’s more – PCs don’t have membership charges when playing online. When console gamers are paying approximately $20 or $60 per year for Xbox and PlayStation membership respectively, PC gamers don’t pay anything for online play. While membership charges for online console play are usually discounted, the savings are insignificant.

There are other notable benefits of PCs over consoles. For instance, unless you stay alone, you may need your own TV to enjoy uninterrupted gaming experiences. You can also build a gaming PC to match your exact taste and preferences, which is incredibly satisfying. With companies like SkyTech Gaming, there’s no limit when it comes to gaming PC. You can choose ready-made prebuilt PC or customize your own gaming PC.

You can choose anything from graphics cards to lighting and space.

If you want a faster/better console, you must wait for a new release. You can build a custom PC for gaming right now by buying individual parts or getting a ready-made prebuilt. While both consoles and PC have their pros and cons, gaming PC are clearly better for seasoned gamers who don’t want their gaming experiences to be limited in any way regardless of critical factors like cost and future gaming capability i.e. VR gaming.

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