Fortnight Birthday Wishes

1.On this special day, you don’t need to be a bush. But if you still want one, I’d allow it.

2.Someone throw a boogie bomb cause it’s time for a celebration!

3.It’s your special day! Don’t forget to floss 😉

4.You’re gonna have to take the L today, I’m 1st!

5.Nobody shoot! I’ve got a boogie bomb and today’s the perfect day to use it!

6.I’d make you a cake but here, have a brick.

7.Popping fanta bottles, chugging all the soda cans, get your orange justice on, get it! get it? where’s my fans?

8.There’s a trap waiting for you at home. >:)

9.Who wants to work on their birthday? phone it in, let’s do the electro swing!

10.Hope no one will shoots you down today, happy birthday!

11.If we go out, we go out like men today!

12.I’d build you a staircase to heaven but… you’re already in the zone.

13,Why you so crabby?! It’s your birthday, smile!

14.It’s your bday! Time to pump it up!

15.Bush Gang Party!

16.Nobody shoot! I’ve got a boogie bomb and today’s the perfect day to use it!

17.Why pop bottles when you can launch rockets? Let’s get some birthday kills!

18.Happy Birthday to the furthest right guy!

19.It’s your bday! Noice!

20.Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! You smell like a monkey and dance like one too.~

21.To show my love, I’ll give you a SCAR.

22.Everyone it’s their birthday, take cover and

23.May your birthday be just as legendary as your guns

24.It’s your birth day, I mean… I’d make you cake but I only have a shit ton of wood.

25.How many kills before I can get you to chill?

26.I’d go to wish you a happy spawn day but you’re surrounded by water, sorry.

27.I know it’s your birthday but please don’t break all your stuff!

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