Finlandia resource pack: Is It Worth?

Are you looking for a photorealistic resource pack for Minecraft? If yes, then your search now ends here! Finlandia resource pack is now ready to surpass your needs. There has always been a problem with the photorealistic resource pack i.e. it is mostly compatible with high-end computers and high-resolution systems. Or else, it will result in a poor and lagging performance. But, this Finlandia resource pack is indeed an exception. It brings a bunch of great textures that can amplify and improve the look for default vanilla Minecraft. All you will need to have a 64x resolution system so that you can install and effectively use this resource pack without any problem.

Let’s now talk about the unique features of the Finlandia resource pack. Thus resource pack represents the theme of Finland. For example, you will find wintry biomes, frozen ice blocks, spruce trees, snow coverings, and many more things throughout this resource pack. With this resource pack installed, the overall look of your game will be even better, bolder, brighter, and more colorful. All the available textures of the Finlandia resource pack stand out to be the best since it incorporates very small and minute details like mottled ice and more. Still, there are some things that are unchanged in this resource pack. For example, the wolves i.e. they feature the original Minecraft texture.

There is a distinctive difference between the Finlandia resource pack and others. First of all, most of the resource packs usually focus on making the Minecraft game look more interesting. They try to minimize the classic blocky texture. But, in this resource pack, the concept is totally different as it brings a texture similar to Lego blocks. From an overall note, it can be mentioned that the Finlandia resource pack improves many textures of the vanilla Minecraft yet it falls short in some cases.

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