Female Ejaculation

Her mouth hangs agape as she is pushed back against the door, forcefully enough that she hears a dull thud behind her. His hands wander down her torso and his lips trail soft kisses along her exposed neck skin, only pausing to allow a whisper to drift softly from his lips into her ear. “We’d better get inside,” He mumbles softly, allowing her to turn just enough to unlock the front door to allow them to tumble inside. The door slamming behind him, he is like a beast unleashed in the privacy of her home.

The lights are off and the house dim, but they don’t need light. His hands follow every curve of her body, and his lips continue their journey down to her collarbone. A grunt of frustration comes from his lips as her shirt cut off the beautiful expanse of skin he had been so enraptured with. She leans to lift up the hem of her shirt in assistance, tossing it aside easily and into a forgotten corner. Her bra follows soon after, releasing her breasts to be attacked by his lips within moments.

She moans out, her tone almost begging as she does. She needs so much more. She reaches up and entangles her fingers in his hair, tugging downwards while simultaneously pulling him towards the couch. He is no fool and easily picks up on her desires. They tumble back onto the couch together, her skirt becoming a thing of the past within moments and her underwear joining the rest of the unwanted clothing pile.

Feeling confidence and lust course through her, she lays back and tugs his head down. He obliges easily, licking his lips in anticipation. His hands move to spread her thighs apart, licking a wet trail just below her pelvis. She whimpers softly, feeling herself already growing moist as she feels his hot breath ghost over her skin.

He hesitates no longer, moving his tongue to trail slowly up and down her lips. One of his hands moves to cup her breast, and he slips his tongue past her entrance. She gasps, and he takes that as urging for more. He shoots his tongue in and out at a pace that is enough to encourage her to grow even more moist but slow enough to tease her still. When he decides she has had enough teasing, her thighs quivering beneath him, her pulls his tongue out and moves his lips up to focus on her clit.

Sucking and swirling his tongue around her sensitive spot, she knows that she is a goner. Her fingers entangle his hair harder, tugging him closer while he sucks harder and darts his tongue faster. Her stomach knots up with desire, gasping out a cry of, “I’m close,” which fills the beast with even more determination. Her thighs fully quake as the orgasm hits her, him lapping up the excess moisture as she comes. Her fingers grow limp and she pants, her breasts heaving after a job well done.

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