Esports make money playing video games

If you’ve always wished that you could make real money by playing your favorite video games, you’re in like. To discover how you can start making money by playing popular online multiple games such as League of Legends and Fortnite, simply continue reading.

Esports make money playing video games: A guide to making money playing your favorite video games

Bet on yourself to win online matches:

While you can bet on the outcomes of matches which are contested between well known, professional gamers, you may be surprised to discover that you can place bets on yourself to win competitive online matches. So it may be worth betting on yourself to win games that you already play on a frequent basis and know inside out.

Games which you can play for money:

You may be wondering what video games can you play for money? Currently you can bet on yourself to win live multiplayer matches playing Dota 2, Fortnite, CS:GO, PUBG, League of Legends and Starcraft II. Keep in mind that each game which you can bet on features its own odds generation formula and challenges which you can compete on depending on your skill level.

So if you’re not a professional gamer, it’s still definitely well worth trying to win money playing your favorite games as you’ll be able to compete in events designed for amateurs which won’t feature professional players who are almost impossible to beat.

How to place bets:

When you first start playing video games for money, it’s a smart idea to start off making small bets. If you manage to win a large percentage of your games, it may be the right time to consider placing slightly larger bets. In order to try and win larger sums of money. However, even if you start off placing small $10 bets on the outcome of your games, you’ll be able to win over $100 from a single $10 bet. So even if you’re not comfortable betting large sums of cash, you can still win decent cash prizes by making small bets.

Depending on the title which you select to bet on, you’ll be able to place simple bets which involve winning a match or more complicated bets which challenge you to complete a set challenge.

As an example, if you love playing Fortnite but think that the odds of winning a battle royale match against 99 real life players is too risky, you can accept a challenge to make it to the last 10 players. Just keep in mind that the easier a challenge is to beat, the less money which you’ll be rewarded if you’re successful. Also keep in mind that if you bet on yourself to make the top 10 but you win your Fortnite battle, you won’t be paid any extra as you did not bet on yourself to win your battle.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to use your gaming skills which you’ve built up over thousands of hours of playing video games to make real money. It’s well worth experimenting with betting on yourself to win popular online multiplayer games.

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