Does The Sportstech CX608 Cross Trainer Offer More Than A Smart App?

Trainers like the Sportstech CX608 Cross Trainer immediately stand-out to those that want a smarter way to work out. The focus on the apps and data from the console suggests a machine for greater gains. But, what about the hardware and mechanics of the system itself. It looks like a pretty standard machine, but there are no signs of any special features. Is this model able to handle the pressure for a great workout?

The pros and cons of this Sportstech Trainer


1) A full body work out for arms and legs

2) A good motion and resistance from the plates and flywheel

3) Helpful extras like the transport wheels and bottle holder

4) A console for data on the session

5) Kinomap app compatibility for virtual coaching


1) Not suitable for taller users

2) Some wobbles that suggest a low weight allowance

3) Durability concerns due to the country of origin

The Sportstech CX608 Cross Trainer has a lot of great features, inside and out, to help users achieve their fitness goals.

A big part of this system is the connectivity to apps and impressive software. Many consumers may even gloss over limitations in the specification in order to receive these benefits. This system is Kinomap app-enabled. This means easy access to live coaching, videos, multiplayer games, and streaming via a smart TV. The idea here is that you can push yourself further with the help of this remote coaching. There is also a Smart console with data on distance, calories burned, speed, and your pulse via the free pulse belt

Moving on to the mechanics of this machine, it starts to get a little more familiar and stripped back. There is the benefit of a 12kg flywheel, which should allow for a smoother motion and fluidity in the workout. This is partnered with a “whisper quiet” belt and 3 piece crank system. Although, there are issues with the noise produced. Additional helpful features here include the transport wheels for portability and the water bottle holder.

Whatever you make of the internal workings and design of this machine, there is no doubt that it can still off a full-body workout. There is a great opportunity to tone your legs via the striding motion on the oversized footplates. Those plates also have plenty of grip. There is also an arm workout via the handlebars. Finally, the 8 levels of manual resistance help to increase the intensity as needed.

But, there are some concerns for this Sportstech CX608 App-Enabled Elliptical Trainer because of the construction.

For of all, there is an issue with the size and stability of this machine, which leads to some problems for larger users. The stride length and height of the machine might not ideal for anyone over 5ft8, as there are users that have struggled to find a comfortable rhythm. On top of that, there are comments that it gets a little shaky when used by heavier users. This shaky feeling could also be a problem if users were to increase the speed and intensity during some tougher sessions.

On a related note, there is also the fact that this machine boasts German engineering but is apparently made in China. This is disappointing because users expect better, especially after seeing all the German language posters in the listings online. A Made in China tag always leads to concerns about durability. There are a few comments about the machine squeaking a bit. It is unclear if this could result in breakages over time.

Is this Sportstech CX608 still recommendable with these issues in mind?

There will be plenty of buyers that struggle with this machine because of those issues with the build and durability. Wobbles and squeaks don’t offer too much confidence about ramping up the intensity on those tougher sessions. But, lighter, less-experienced users may still found that the lower settings and the motion of the trainer are just right for their needs. It might not be the toughest choice, but it still ticks a lot of boxes regarding the workout options, app compatibility, and some of the other helpful features on board. Therefore, the Sportstech CX608 Cross Trainer is still recommendable to the right user.

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