Does The Cedric Office Chair Do Enough To Support All Office Workers?

The specification for the Cedric Office Chair makes it sound as though the designer through a bit of everything at this chair. There is breathable mesh, soft foam, some adjustable elements, the promise of a stronger frame, and a secure base. On first impressions, this sounds great, but does it all come together to create a chair that people actually want to use?

The pros and cons of this Cedric Chair


1) A 3D headrest with cushioning and angles for better neck support

2) Adjustable options in the lumbar and arm support too

3) A strong base with caster wheels

4) Comfortable foam and mesh across the chair

5) Fairly easy to put together with minimal steps


1) The recline options could be better for relaxation

2) The height might not be suitable for all users

3) The steel frame on the back is unattractive

The Cedric Office Chair looks like a pretty comfortable and practical option for a lot of workspaces.

There seems to be a clear attempt to make this chair as comfortable as possible for users. This starts with the mesh backrest for breathability and continues with the “thigh support” sponge in the seat cushion. You can also recline the chair up to 130 degrees and should find that the armrests that tilt with the backrest.

There are also some positive comments about the support offered by this chair. However, as you will see below, others would prefer that it went further. The stand-out feature hers is the 3D headrest. Not only does this feature have adjustable angles, but there is also a deep curve. Those that are the right height for this feature should be able to sink into the cushioning with ease. There is also the added benefit here of the adjustable lumbar system in the backrest. It isn’t anything extreme, but it is a nice touch.

Then there is the practicality of this chair. You still need to be able to get a full day’s work out of this thing. This is especially true here as this seems to be better suited to communal offices than home offices. There is a full upright position of 90 degrees on the ergonomic backrest for work situations. Also, users can take advantage of the 360-degree swivel on the base, the smooth motion of the casters, and the 350lb weight limit.

It is just a shame that the Cedric Ergonomic Black Mesh Office Chair isn’t more attractive or adaptable.

While there are clearly some helpful adaptable features in this chair, there are other models out there that do more. One example is the backrest. The maximum angle for reclining is 130 degrees, with no indication that you can lock the back at any other point. This isn’t as deep as some would like. There are also limitations with the movement of the armrests. You can lift them up but you can’t move them forward for greater comfort while typing. There is also no way to push them out for greater width in the seat.

Another downside here is that this is not the most attractive chair with that big steel support on the backrest. This feature stands out a lot in the photos on the listings and is sure to do the same in an office. It is a big difference from the sleeker profiles of other ergonomic chairs and a strange design choice. Those looking for a stylish chair for their home office might not be impressed with this shape or contrasting colour.

Does this mean that the Cedric Adjustable Work Chair is no longer a recommendable option?

There is nothing special about this chair in terms of its functionality and features. It would be more appealing with a deeper angle on the recline, a 3D movement to the arms and without that steel bar on the back. But, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t practical for basic office shifts. Users can still get comfortable with that foam and mesh and rely on the functional base to support them and get them to move around. Therefore, the Cedric Office Chair might not be a good fit for stylish home offices, but it could still work in some communal settings.

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