Does Cbd Cream Do Anything For Arthritis Pain

CBD cream does seem to have a positive effect on arthritis pain. One of the major uses of CBD has been in the field of pain management. CBD seems to have both pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. It is because of these reasons that CBD products — oils, topical, pills – seem to work with arthritis pain, which is caused by the inflammation of muscles and tissues in the joints.

Does CBD cream do anything for arthritis pain? Yes, it does but only when you have procured your CBD cream from a reputed company known to produce and market pure, safe, and potent CBD products. Look at the levels and see if the products are tested at a third party lab and if it carries GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) label.

Buy your CBD cream from reliable brands

But it is important to buy your CBD products from reliable companies and brands. There are so many factors that make a CBD product inferior and ineffective, especially for a condition like joint pain. That’s why you should not take any chances. You must always buy your CBD products from reliable companies and outlets. For example Kanafx ( is a highly reputed brand in the CBD market and its CBD Muscle Cream and CBD Anti-inflammatory Cream are highly recommended for different kinds of muscle and joint pains. You must consider this aspect of CBD treatment — that you are procuring your CBD products from trust-worthy and reputed brands every time you place your order. Joints pains are a highly debilitating condition and if you don’t get the right potency every time, the results might differ and in case of arthritis, it means more pain.

What kind of arthritis can pain CBD heal?

As we said earlier, arthritis is a very painful condition which can render the patient immobile and disabled. The objective of CBD cream for arthritis pain is that it should be able to relieve the pain and progressively cure the ailment. A very sad aspect of arthritis pain is that modern medicine has no cure for it. There is no one single medicine that can relieve the pain and cure the person. So, when somebody reaches out for CBD cream for his arthritis pain, he is doing so with great hope when there is actually very little hope. That’s why it is important to know the limitations of CBD products including the cream in the treatment of arthritis pain.

There are more than 100 types of arthritis and some arthritis pains are chronic for which pain management medications and non-medication measures are to be used. In these cases, CBD cream should not be used as the only medication or even the front line of medication. CBD can be integrated in the overall pain-management plan and this should be done in consultation with your doctor.

Are you already using or knowing about CBD?

If you are suffering from arthritis pain, chances are you may already have heard about CBD as a treatment for joints pain. In this article, we will try to find an answer to this overwhelming question: Does CBD cream do anything for arthritis pain? In recent years, CBD has found a greater acceptance for the therapeutic properties it has shown.

Does CBD help in arthritis pain?

According to a 2019 study, 15% Americans use CBD products and pain is the main reason why they do so. In a similar study, The Arthritis Foundation found that 30% of patients have admitted to using CBD in oil or topical while a whopping 80% reported that they had either used or were considering to use CBD to relieve arthritis pain.

Most of the respondents of this survey reported that the CBD had helped them by improving sleep, physical function, and well being. Some even reported that they had noticed improvement in pain and stiffness.

Since arthritis pain does not seem to respond to any kind of treatment, people flock to CBD treatment as it seems to hold some promise. After the US government allowed the production of industrial hemp and products made out of it in its historic farm reforms bill in 2018, CBD is a legal product. Many companies have come out with their products claiming it to be a cure for arthritis pain.

What is arthritis pain?

Arthritis is a major cause of disability in America. There are over 100 types of arthritis and pain is common to all of them. Different types of arthritis have different symptoms and what may work for one type does not work for another type of arthritis. The treatment is aimed at reducing pain and stiffness in the affected region and muscles. It also aims at maintaining physical functions of the limbs and joints.

While CBD cream may be used to relieve pain and stiffness as well as maintaining physical functions, it cannot be said that it will work with same efficacy in all kinds of arthritis and with similar effectiveness with everyone. In this light, we must say that there is still a long way to go before we can say that CBD topical or oil can work for all kinds of arthritis and with all kinds of patients.

Evidence that CBD is effective in arthritis pain

There are lab studies that indicate that CBD could prove to be a promising treatment for chronic arthritis pain. CBD has shown to be pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory in studies involving animals. But conclusive scientific evidence that CBD can treat or cure arthritis pain in humans does not exist as of now. However, two different studies have indicated that CBD can be effective in the treatment of chronic pain and osteoarthritis of the knee.

Anecdotal evidence

While scientific labs have yet not vetted the claim that CBD can treat chronic arthritis pain, anecdotes and testimonials abound about the ability of CBD to treat arthritis pain.

Guidelines for the use of CBD

The FDA does not recognize CBD as a medicine. Therefore, there is a complete absence of guidelines for its use or standards to which CBD products and brands must adhere. The use of CBD for relieving chronic arthritis pain has been largely out of patient’s and doctor’s interests.

But finally, some kind of guideline seems to be emerging from different sources such as The Arthritis Foundation and Arthritis Care & Research medical journal. Based on their recommendations, here is a set of dos and don’ts:


· If you are planning to use a CBD product, look for a product that informs you clearly about its safety, purity, and potency levels. Go for a product or brand that follows independent testing of their products. Buy products which carry GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification.

· Keep your doctor informed about your current CBD treatment or your plans to do so. Keep a watch on your pain and inform your doctor about how your condition is changing. Don’t rely on the advice of those selling CBD products. Follow your doctor’s guidelines.

· CBD treatment should be a part of the overall pain treatment plan. It should not altogether replace the pain management plan recommended by your doctor. Psychological and non-medication treatment plans that include exercises should be given importance.

· When taking a CBD treatment, choose a topical or oral pill instead of inhales. Also, start with low doses taken in the evening.

· Keep a modest but well-defined goal to be achieved by the CBD treatment in a time bound manner. After the period is over, review and readjust the treatment and doses.


· If you have chronic arthritis pain, it’s a case to be handled by a qualified doctor. So, let that take precedence. Don’t make CBD your first line of defense. If formal medication does not work, then you can upgrade it.

· Don’t let a non-medical practitioner manage your pain. Even if CBD is part of your pain management plan, you should follow your doctor.

· Those who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis should continue with their prescribed medications. This is necessary to safeguard your joins from further damage.

Well, you know CBD cream can be helpful in arthritis pain. Now you must ensure you have bought the right CBD cream or any other product. But how do you know, the CBD you are buying is of good quality. One way to ensure that is by buying your CBD from trustworthy companies such as Kanafx ( Alternatively, here a few things to consider:

· The hemp should be sourced from local hemp farms and no chemical or pesticides should have been used in hemp farming

· The Cannabidiol should have been extracted through CO2 method

· You should buy only from reputed brands known for maintaining quality

· The processing facility should be modern and fully automated

· The company should provide all relevant information in a transparent manner

· Details of the ingredients should be mentioned on the label

· User reviews and testimonials should be available on the company website.

Final thoughts

Does CBD cream do anything for arthritis pain? Yes, it seems to offer relief from arthritis pain. But it must be part of an integrated pain management and medication plan supervised by a qualified doctor. And the CBD cream should be procured from reliable brands because the market is full of inferior quality products that may not give the best result in a condition like arthritis.

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