Do Dashcams Reduce Car Insurance

A dashboard cam or a Dashcam can help you when the other driver rams your car/vehicle. It records the driving footage. It replaces the old one with the latest as soon as your car starts. Do Dashcams Reduce Car Insurance? No, but you can avail a discount without affecting your car premium. However, the truth is it does impact your premium indirectly and in turn, lowers your rates of car insurance. It helps you make a claim and certain insurers give a discount for using the cam.

Why the discount?

Dash cams help the drivers to prove their claim or fact when involved in a road accident. It records the drive and road activity.

Discount is offered for the below reasons:

  • This becomes easier to understand and support the driver’s/owners claim and to know if there’s any driver’s fault.
  • This way the drivers/owners save lots of hassle, time and money.
  • Since it offers clarity and advantage for insurers, some insurance companies offer them discount when a dashcam is installed.
  • This enables drivers to be careful when driving.
  • Having a dash cam enables well maintained driving standards.
  • Accuracy of the incident through video footage.
  • Avoid a fraud incident or claim

What’s the discount?

The discount is offered on their vehicle insurance premiums. Insurance companies offer 13 to 25 percent insurance discount to drivers who have dash cams, on an average. So, having a dash benefits you financially by initial insurance saving and later giving upto 25 percent of savings on high premiums. Some insurance companies also go as high as 30 percent. When you are able to prove your innocence, you are eligible for No claim insurance. This saving can go as high as 75 percent on the insurance policy.

How to make the dashcam insurance claim?

To make the claim, send the video footage acquired from the dashcam directly to your vehicle insurer to view. Some companies have apps for cam viewing. You can send them to the app or through an email or hand it over physically. This will help you in a quicker claim settlement and also provide a strong evidence in case of a legality.

When purchasing a dashcam, keep in the mind the following:

  • Clear and Clean picture quality to get accuracy on the information.
  • The chosen dashcam should meet the conditions and terms of your insurance policy.
  • This can include the brand quality, certain included brands and professionally installed camera.
  • Look for good deals, after all the discount should be worth it and not less than the camera cost itself.
  • Get a quote and compare the quotes for different discounts from different insurance companies for having a dashcam. Here are seven reasons why you may want a dash camera:

The above factors will assess your eligibility to claiming your insurance discount. Make sure to read the terms and conditions to get an insurance discount from the insurance company.

Advantages of having a Dashcam

Accident record- Precise and clear video footage makes all the difference when it comes to an insurance claim. You may have a different memories as compared to the one who rammed you. Having an evidence can clearly let you off the hook. Not only this you will be a responsible driver. You will also be liable to receive a higher vehicle insurance discount, if you are not at fault. Your claim can be expedited. No more hassles of discussions and arguments.

Off the Ticket- If you are held for any kind of traffic violation and you know you did not go against, a dashcam will prove it. A ticket can impact your driving history/record. It can impact your auto insurance too. This can be clearly avoided. In a contrasting situation, you can contest the traffic ticket.

Combat a fraud- A crash for cash situation can be fought with a dashcam video. A staged accident can be caught red handed. Handing the footage to insurance company’s fraud unit, you can help yourself from lowering your insurance.

A responsible driving- A dashcam makes you and others also a responsible drivers as no one would want to get into a claim and shed bucks. A good driving history offers you an insurance discount and will keep you consistently on good driving and lower premiums.

You can also capture unexpected events and any mishap to your parked car or unattended vehicle with the help of a dashcam.


A dash cam is highly beneficial when it comes to insurance claims against accidents. You can avail a dashcam insurance discount on your premiums through different insurance companies. A dash cam will help you prove your innocence and make you a responsible driver.

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