Dangers of hiring a cheap electrician in Singapore

Most homes in Singapore have a large number of appliances, and often one or more appliance may malfunction. People are usually aware that modifying the electrical wiring and devices is very risky, it can cause an electric shock or a fire unless they are trained. Hence people will usually hire the services of an electrician to fix their electrical problem or install electrical appliances. To save some money, the home owner may wish to hire the services of a Cheap electrician whose rates are lower. However there are some risks of doing so which are listed below

Unlicensed electricians

Typically many of the Cheap electric contractors are either unlicensed themselves or use staff who is not licensed. In Singapore, only licensed electrical workers are officially permitted to do electrical repair work. These workers have been trained and have to pass some exams before they can be licensed to do the electric work. The trained and licensed workers are usually charging more, since they have more work available. The unlicensed workers may make mistakes which can be expensive in the long term, and also affect the value of the house if the wiring is not done properly .

Lack of safety measures

Handling electrical wiring is risky, so licensed electricians will always take suitable safety precautions while handling the electrical wiring and gadgets. The electrician should have suitable safety gear to prevent an electric shock, which a cheaper electrician may not wear. This increases the risk of an electrical accident at the home or office premises. Also the cheaper electrician will often not have the necessary diagnostic tools and equipment for detecting the problem accurately. The tools used for repairing may not be safe, increasing the possibility of a fire or other similar problem.

Lack experience

Though it is often not valued, experience can help in saving time and money. Most electricians who lack experience are usually willing to work at rates which are far lower than the market rates, so that they get more opportunities to work. When the electrician is dealing with a particular problem for the first time, he will usually take more time to accurately diagnose the problem. In some cases, he may make a mistake in diagnosing the problem initially, and only after using other methods, he will find out the real cause, wasting time in the process. In a few cases, wiring and electrical devices may get damaged, due to the incorrect solution suggested initially.

Wastage of time and money

The cheap electrician is usually not very proficient fixing electrical problems, so he will take more time to find out the cause of the electrical problem. The solution to fix the electrical problem may also not be the cheapest option. In some cases, the electrician has only provided a short term solution which will last for a few weeks or months. The electrical problem will recur and the property owner will again have to waste their time and money to find a suitable electrician to fix the problem. They will also have to pay the electricians charges and also for any material which is damaged, which has to be replaced or repaired.

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