Crowdfunding for small business

Crowdfunding for small businesses is one of the ways that entrepreneurs have to finance their projects, big or small. Also, it is one of the best options for SMEs, since they will obtain quite high returns and the ease of financing is greater.

To request financing of this type, you must follow the following steps:

– Apply for the loan: depending on the platform, you can do it online within the website or at one of the offices in your city.

– Obtaining the financing: normally the response to your request is made in a few days, so you will know if you have been granted it or not quickly.

– Disbursement of the money in your checking account: later, you will have the money in your account, although it will take a few more days.

All platforms have experts in risk analysis to see if everything is going correctly so that you do not have problems paying the debt.

Although you must indeed meet two specific requirements to be able to have this type of financing, they are these:

1- The company must have completed a total of 2 fiscal years at least.

2- Annual billing over $ 100,000.

To obtain the financing, it usually takes a certain time, if our experts have not obtained the financing necessary for the project, it is possible to extend the proposal quietly.

It is a very simple process, in which we can help you from JustEarlyBirds so that the process that the financing platforms have is much faster, This process will be carried out automatically, thanks to the experience and training that our experts have in this area. So if you want more information you can visit our website, and if you want to contact us you can visit the page referring to contacts.

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