Computer Gaming Prebuilt: Top Pros & Top Prebuilt Gaming PCs 2020

Computer Gaming Prebuilt: Top Pros and Prebuilt Gaming Computers to Consider in 2020

Is a computer gaming prebuilt better than consoles or custom gaming PCs built from scratch? The media loves to focus on gaming consoles. However, PC gaming is still alive. Gaming PCs aren’t just accessories for gamers in need of something special. They are for everyone who loves gaming, which translates to most people.

PC gaming enthusiasts wishing to get gaming PCs have two main options. One, they can choose to build their own gaming PC or go for a PC gaming prebuilt. Both options come with notable advantages. While a custom-built gaming computer will allow you to select exactly what you want, prebuilt PCs are made for performance. Here’s an in-depth discussion of the benefits of prebuilt gaming computers.

I. Ideal for all gamers

Prebuilt gaming systems are good for beginners all the way to advanced gamers. Beginners usually have general/basic knowledge of gaming hardware but have problems assembling a gaming computer from scratch. This makes prebuilt PCs a great choice. Advanced gamers can save time they would have otherwise spent building a gaming computer from scratch and still get exactly what they want.

II. Specifically built for high-end gaming performance

Prebuilt gaming PCs are designed for gaming. They contain the “perfect” mix of gaming PC hardware. The PCs also come with details on the performance and games tested on the computer, offering gamers unmatched info on the potential of the PC. Prebuilt computers are made by true professionals who know exactly what they are doing on every level, including parts compatibility.

III. Saves time, money & hassles

While gaming enthusiasts who prefer building their own gaming PCs from scratch pride themselves in building great machines, they are usually economical with the truth about custom building challenges. You need days, if not months, to research, source components, and assemble everything. With prebuilt PCs, you pass over such hassles to a professional and get the exact kind of gaming PC you want. Everything is done for you, including testing the hardware.

Prebuilt PCs allow you to focus on what matters – perfecting your gaming. In case of anything, you can get support from the gaming PC manufacturer. Custom builds don’t have this advantage. If anything goes wrong, you have to find the problem yourself.

If you’re interested in a good computer gaming prebuilt, here are some great choices from SkyTech Gaming.

Top prebuilt gaming PCs to consider

1. Blaze

Blaze is an entry-level prebuilt gaming PC. The prebuilt stands out for many things ranging from the decent performance to good price. The PC features an AMD Ryzen-5 2600 processor (6-core 3.4 GHz) and Nvidia GeForce – GTX 1650 graphics card that is good enough for decent gaming experiences. Other notable features include a wraith stealth cooler, 500GB SSD primary hard drive, and 500W 80 plus power supply. This prebuilt will work well even with the most demanding video games. The Blaze can be bought with an Intel corei5 9400F processor, GTX 1660 6GB graphics card, and A320 or B365 motherboard.

2. Blaze II

Blaze II offers next-level high-performance at a slightly higher price than Blaze. This prebuilt gaming PC has an AMD Ryzen 7 2700 processor and RTX 2060 Graphics card that is good for gaming among other “heavy” computing tasks like encoding videos and streaming. The Blaze II comes with a B450 motherboard, 500GB SSD, and 500W power supply.

This prebuilt gaming PC offers faster performance for AAA gaming and Esports. The Blaze II can play the “biggest” games today and is upgradeable for future gaming needs. The PC also features high build quality and consistent color schemes.

3. Azure

Azure is for optimal performance. The Intel Core- i7 9700k processor coupled with the RTX 2070 graphics card offer an unmatched combination capable of running the latest games seamlessly on 1080p and above resolution. The 650W 80+ PSU is enough to power all components and future upgrades effectively.

Other notable features include the 120mm AIO cooler and 3 RGB fans that keep this prebuilt gaming PC cool even during the most intense gaming experiences. The 16GB RAM and 1-TB hard disk offer more space than you’ll ever need. The Azure also stands out for having a special edition case that adds aesthetical appeal.

4. Legacy 3.0

The Legacy 3.0 doesn’t just look great with its all-new aluminum chassis. This PC gaming prebuilt has the latest Ryzen-7 processor and RTX 2070 graphics card allowing unlimited gaming experiences with smooth frame rates. The Legacy 3.0 is also blazing fast thanks to 3000MHz memory. The 500GB-SSD hard drive offers adequate space in a high-value gaming rig.

This PC is ideal for elite gaming, video content creation, and intense multi-tasking for serious PC enthusiasts. The Legacy 3.0 also features edge 7-nanometer technology that offers quiet, cool, and efficient operation. The above specs coupled with the brushed aluminum design with RGB lighting, offers a perfect combo of style and ultimate PC gaming performance.

5. Siege

It doesn’t get better than this gaming PC when discussing top gaming prebuilt computers. The Siege has the latest RTX graphics (Nvidia GeForce RTX-2030 Ti) powered by AMD’s Ryzen9 3900x 12Core processor. This PC is arguably the best price-to-performance PC gaming prebuilt in the market currently.

The PC can run the latest/most popular games with ease at ultra-settings (crisp 1080p Full-HD at 60+ FPS gameplay. Other notable features of the Siege include an X570 motherboard, 600 watt 90+ power supply unity, 1TB SSD, and 2TB hard drive. The Siege is also fitted a superior cooler 360mm AIO to keep the unit cool in the most intense gaming sessions.

Prebuilt gaming PCs offer the perfect combination of utility and cost. If you don’t have the patience, time, and resources to source compatible parts and build your own gaming PC from scratch, consider the above prebuilt PCs.

SkyTech Gaming offers affordable, customizable, and powerful gaming PCs. You shouldn’t spend a fortune to get a gaming PC that does wonders. The most recent GPUs are powerful enough to dominate standard HD resolutions regardless of factors like cost. It’s entirely possible to get great gameplay at a bargain today if you take your time and consider top Prebuilt gaming PC brands like SkyTech Gaming that come highly reviewed. What’s more, you’ll get benefits like the 1-year parts and labor warranty coupled with FREE lifetime technical support in case of anything. The gaming PCs are also assembled in America to guarantee quality.

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