Cloud Rider Drone Review

Getting into drone piloting? You must be looking for the best and most easily controllable drone for yourself as a beginner. Well, one of the most popular choices for both beginners and pros nowadays is the Propel Cloud Rider Drone. You might be wondering, why it’s the best choice for you. We’re going to tell you exactly why.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the specs, advantages, and cons of the Cloud Rider Drone by Propel so you can choose whether it suits your drone piloting needs or not.

What is the Cloud Rider Drone?

The Cloud Rider Drone by Propel is a stylish and beautifully designed 6-axis gyro controlled drone which can take still shoots and record videos as well. This drone is ideal for camera recording as well as for casual playing around for fun and excitement and it controls so smoothly that it can be controlled finely by beginners and professional drone pilots regardless of skill level.

When we take a look at the key features of this amazing quadcopter drone, we’d like to talk about the drone’s HD camera, stylish design, and incredible movement control. For its price, the Propel Cloud Rider Drone is not only worth your money but it’s actually one of the best choices. However, these were just the essentials of the drone, if you want to know more about the specs and the details of the Cloud Rider drone, make sure you read this article till the end.

Propel Cloud Rider Drone Review

Before you spend your precious money on buying this drone, let us provide you with an overall review of every major and minor detail of the Cloud Rider.


The Cloud Rider drone comes with a USB charger along with a really well-designed controller, a few spare propellers, and an SD card reader making the whole package really great for any drone piloting enthusiast. The controller offers 2.4Ghz connectivity which along with the 6-axis gyro control makes the entire flight experience incredibly swift and smooth and easily controllable. Whether you’ve been in the quadcopter flying game from before or have just got into it, you’re going to have a great experience altogether and you’ll have hours of fun and excitement which you can record and save as memories.


In terms of features, the Propel Cloud Rider Drone packs a bundle of them. Here are some of the exciting features this drone comes with.

  • The Cloud Rider Drone comes with a 2.4Ghz controller which ensures stability and control over long distances when it comes to flying outdoors.
  • The drone uses a 6-axis gyroscope to maintain stability at even high-altitudes and ensures complete pilot control.
  • The controller features a multitude of buttons that can be used to access different features of the Cloud Rider Drone.
  • There are four different speed settings, which make the drone fly smoothly at different places without any problems.
  • There is a screen in the center of the controller which showcases different options like the battery as well as the state of the drone itself and the speed option which is currently chosen.

Pros of the Cloud Rider Drone

This drone features a lot of great benefits. In order to give you an idea of what this drone is capable of, here’s a list of advantages.

  • HD 720P Camera – This drone is specially made for camera capturing and recording. With a 720P HD quality camera, you can take pictures as well as record videos and save fun and exciting drone flying memories with your friends and family.

  • Incredible Value for Price – Another great thing about this epic quadcopter drone is the price value. There are literally no competitors that offer this kind of feature and pros at this price.

  • The screen on Transmitter – There is a screen on the transmitter controller which is responsible for showing the pilot different states of the drone. You can manage all the controls and options.

  • Controller Quality – The quality of the controller along with the building design is simply amazing. It holds really nice in the hands and makes the overall drone piloting experience pretty great. That is why it is one of the best choices for all drone piloting adventurers.

  • Controllability – The Cloud Rider Drone by Propel uses the 2.4Ghz connection as well as the 6-axis gyro control for maximum controllability and ease of flying. You’re going to feel like you’re a pro from the start of your piloting journey.

  • Speed Options – There are multiple speed options which can be used with the help of the various buttons on the remote controller. According to your skill level, you can adjust the speed to control the propeller responsiveness.

Cons of Propel Air Micro Drone

Even such a great drone comes with its cons. Before you buy this drone, make sure you know the disadvantages you might have to face with it.

  • Charging Time – Although the flying time is somewhat decent at around 10 minutes or so the charging time is not ideal when it comes to the Cloud Rider Drone. It takes around 60-75 minutes for the drone to completely charge for a full 10-minute flight session which is not as great as some of the other options we’ve reviewed.

  • Only Outdoor Flight Capability – The size of this drone is fairly large. That is why the power and the speed options of the drone do not allow it to be flown in closed spaces with a lot of obstacles. So make sure you fly it in an outdoor environment that allows maximum space without any obstacles which the drone might crash into.

  • Requires 6 AA Batteries – The remote controller requires 6 AA batteries in order to start. This could be a little problematic when it comes to changing batteries after they’ve run out. That’s why we’ve put this point in the cons list of the Cloud Rider Drone.

Price and Availability

The best thing about the Cloud Rider Drone by Propel is the price that it retails for. From trusted sources, we’ve gathered information which shows thee price of this particular drone to be around $50 which is much better than other options available at even higher prices. It is available at different retail stores. All you need to do is make sure you’re getting all the parts and a fair price as well for this marvelous quadcopter drone.

Design Review

The beautiful simplistic and streamline design of the Cloud Rider is one of the best things about it. The drone is designed for maximum performance and complete controllability. Talking about the controller that it comes with, we’ve already talked about how many different functional buttons it has on it along with the screen. You can perform stunts and record videos with the click of a single button. You can change trim options as well as the speed and control the throttle and angles of the drone making the drone ideal for all kinds of flyers.

Flight Performance

When it comes to flight performance, the Cloud Rider Drone by Propel is a great choice. This is because it can go distances of around 300 feet without any problems of connection or signal weakening.

Battery Performance

Talking about the battery performance, the battery timing is fairly moderate in comparison to other drones at around 10 minutes per flight. The problem starts when the charging scene comes in. If you take into account the charging time, it is around 60 minutes which is not the best when it comes to quadcopter drones.

Where to buy it?

If you’re thinking of getting this drone right now, make sure you don’t make an impulsive decision. The drone is available on Amazon for a great price and you can trust them over any other vendor when it comes to the quality of the product. Try checking out the reviews for the Cloud Rider Drone by Propel before you buy it because they’ll give you an accurate understanding of what kind of experience you might have with it.

What do customers say about it?

In order to help you make the right decision while buying this drone by Propel, we gathered the opinions and reviews of customers who’ve bought and experienced the Cloud Rider Drone first hand. According to most customers, the quality of the design along with the recording features and the controls are all amazing. This drone makes a great gift and encourages fun-filled adventures.

However, some of the customers have also claimed that the battery of the drone dies very quickly and there is a lot of difficulty being faced while trying to find replacement batteries, so it’s better to keep that in mind.

Is it worth buying?

Well, you might be asking the question, is it worth buying? We’d say, without the shadow of a doubt yes. It comes at a decent price, is suitable for a variety of skill holding pilots, and offers a wide variety of features, so definitely go for the Cloud Rider Drone. Also, make sure you check out our other drone reviews if you’re looking for a better high-end or cheaper drone for your piloting adventures.

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