Choosing the right lighting for your HDB

A large number of people in Singapore are living in Housing Development Board (HDB) flats. In some cases, they have purchased a new HDB home, and in other cases they are undertaking a renovation of their home. Most buyers of a home, will hire an interior designer to do the lighting for the home. The interior designer will usually have a lighting designer who will work with the home owner to choose the right HDB lighting . In other cases, the home owner will have to do some research in choosing the right lighting and ask the contractor to install the lighting. Some tips on choosing the right HDB lighting are discussed below.

The main lighting source in a room is the ambient lighting, which illuminates the entire room. It usually consists of fluorescent or LED lighting. Chandeliers can be used for HDB ceiling lights only in rooms with high ceiling. Cove lights will bounce off the wall and provide indirect lighting. Portable floor lighting is also used, for families who wish to illuminate different areas according to their convenience. Task lighting is used for a specific task. While most people are familiar with a desk lamp which is used for reading and writing, under cabinet lamps and pendant lighting is also used for specific tasks.

Accent lighting is also used for highlighting a particular area of a room or feature. Track lighting for showcasing a wall, wall sconces and tape lighting are the most widely used accent lighting. One of the factors which a home owner should consider while choosing the lighting for a room is the natural lighting of the room. Most rooms get some amount of natural lighting during the day. Earlier most HDB flats had fluorescent lighting, however it is being replaced by LED lighting since it is more energy efficient. Though LED lamps are more expensive, they are becoming more popular for HDB lighting since they also last for many years.

Living room

The living room is usually the main room in the HDB flat and also includes the dining area. Most people spend spend a lot of time in the living room, reading, having their meals, watching television, entertaining people. The HDB living room lighting should be chosen after considering the size of the room. For a smaller room a single ceiling light is sufficient, for a larger room, multiple lights may be required. A cove light can be used. Many homes have a pendant lamp for the dining table or reading area. Floor lamp can also be used in areas which are used often, and accent lighting is recommended for a showcase or photos.


Many family members spend many hours in the kitchen cooking, so it should be well illuminated so that all items are clearly visible. In addition to ceiling light, recessed lighting for the main cooking area is preferred. A pendant should be installed if there is a kitchen island, and under cabinet lights help to identify food items which are stored. In some cases a track light may also be installed. It is important to check the height of the lighting before it is being installed, so that it does not hit the person who is using the kitchen.


Though people spend time in the bedroom, they are usually sleeping, so the light is usually switched off. A ceiling light and cove light is required for the room, since the room usually has a cupboard for keeping the clothes. Many people are reading or using their phones before their go to sleep so usually there is a bedside lamp for illumination. Most people have a dressing table in the bedroom so pendant lighting will help in illumination. Many people do not want to get up to switch off the light before sleeping, so they may have dimmer or remote controlled switches for the bedroom.


In addition to bathing, brushing teeth, the bathroom is also often used for checking the skin for all flaws, shaving and doing makeup for which more lighting is required. So in addition to a ceiling lamp suitable for the bathroom, it is recommended that there is a task light for the mirror, which will help the user see things more clearly. Using an accent or wall scone can also highlight specific areas like the washbasin.

Daylight electrician helps flat owners in Singapore select and install the right HDB lighting.

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