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Computer numeric control (CNC) can be used in a range of activities such as milling, cutting, carving, and engraving. These are important industrial designing and prototyping functions. When it comes to China CNC milling services, there are a wide range of companies offering these services.

What is CNC milling?

CNC milling is a subtractive manufacturing process. In this process, CNC rotary cutting tools remove material from a surface and create a part as per a computer design. CNC cutting machines have been in use for more than 50 years. It’s a computerized cutting tool that can cut, mill, carve, or engrave as per a 2D or 3D computer design. Milling is a machining process in which the CNC rotary cutting tools remove material layer by layer to a fine finish. CNC routers come with 3, 4, and more axes. They are capable of cutting, milling, and engraving. For each of these tasks, different kinds of cutting tools are used. But the basic technology is the same. Milling is a slower process but then it is a much nuanced task than cutting or engraving. There are different software used for different stages from designing to milling.

Advantages of CNC milling

The most important advantage of CNC milling is that through this you can create a single piece of a machine part that you may be in an urgent need. Suppose, you have broken a piece of a machine part and you can’t find it easily in the market. You can manufacture it through CNC milling. If you don’t have a CNC router, you can use CNC milling services offered by different companies. It is not a very difficult process but it involves a good knowledge of CAD. All you have to do is to 3D scan the original component and let’s see how closely it has captured the specifications. You may require a little bit of adjustments on CAD and that’s all. Your CNC router will be able to mill it out of a piece of a metal or plastic, or whatever other material you may want to use.

What Kinds Of Material Can Be CNC milled?

Today’s CNC routers and cutting tools are highly advanced and they are capable of heavy-duty performance. So they can cut or mill any kind of material from plastic MDF, acrylic to soft metals like aluminum and copper, as well as hard metals such as iron and steel. So, in effect, CNC milling gives you the opportunity to carve out a part with absolute accuracy from any kind of material. For cutting different kinds of materials, CNC machines have routers with different capacities and cutting tools in a wide variety of options. CNC routers are very useful and you can find them at any fabrication lab and most factories. There are also service providers in this niche who can do CNC milling, cutting, or engraving jobs for you.

CNC milling metals

CNC milling metals include both soft and hard metals. In the soft metal categories come copper, aluminum, and thin sheets of steel. You can use your CNC milling machine to carve out a piece of machine part from any of these materials. You can also use your CNC milling equipment to carve out similar machine parts from a hard material like iron and steel. While heavy duty cutting tools are available that can cut and mill a hard surface like iron or steel, it is the power of the router that makes the CNC milling or cutting job possible on any surface. Now, many people use CNC milling to produce both interesting and useful products from different kinds of materials including metals.

CNC milling plastics

CNC milling plastics makes prototyping an easy task. These days, plastic machine parts are very common and it’s also very common for them to wear away or get broken. CNC milling gives you the opportunity to make a single piece or a few pieces of any such part. If you want some prototyping models of any such part, you can use CNC milling. We have already mentioned that through 3D scanning you can get the exact specification of any machine part and produce it through CNC milling. Once the model is ready and if you want to go for mass production, you can use an injection molding process for the production. If you thought whether you could CNC mill plastic or not, the answer is yes, you can.

Rapid CNC milling Services

In today’s environment of intensive research and innovation, it’s not unusual to have loads of CNC milling jobs. With the number of hobbyists, professionals, and businesses engaged in making and creating new products, the role of CNC milling has increased much more than we realize. To cater to this ever growing need for CNC milling, we provide rapid CNC milling services. We have the necessary infrastructure to undertake high volume CNC milling assignments.

You should be careful about who you choose to do business with, especially when it is about rapid CNC milling. If you have a large volume of CNC milling work, we are the best service provider for you. You should not rely on someone you have just found on Google. It’s better to read the reviews and testimonials before you make a decision.

But this should not scare you from going forward with your plant to CNC mill something! If you have any kind of milling jobs to be done, you can always approach us with confidence. We have advanced and powerful CNC routers which can take up any kind of milling, carving, cutting or engraving job. We also have facilities to offer rapid CNC milling solutions. So, if you have a requirement for a few dozen parts, you can check out our rapid CNC milling services. We have necessary infrastructure to take up this kind of job.

Why choose us?

XXX is a professional CNC milling service provider. If you have any CNC milling job to be done, you can always approach us for an instant quote. We undertake all kinds of CNC milling jobs whether it’s plastic or copper or steel. We work with all these materials and more. Similarly, we can undertake any amount of work whether it is one unit or multiple units. We have a strong design team who knows their job well. So, you can trust us for the designing part of your CNC milling job as well. What’s more? With xxx, you can always rest assured of quality work, timely delivery and competitive pricing.

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