Chakra Healing

Understanding the way our minds and bodies work are extremely important in living a happy healthy and complete life. Knowing the energies in our body and how they work, both independently and together, is vital.

Chakras are the spinning pools of energy inside of your body. This idea is shared among many modern prominent eastern religion and predates all of them. Although the details differ between sources the basics are pretty much the same. You have five to seven major chakras in the body starting at the root which is located at the base of the spine, and ending with the crown located at the crown of the skull.

Each Chakra has several correlations from colors, glands and body parts, and aspects of our lives/personality. Taking proper care of our Chakras to keep them balanced and aligned can be a challenge and sometimes confusing but we have a few simple tips to help you along your way.

Firstly and probably the most simple of ways that you can “charge” your Chakras is to wear or surround yourself in that Chakras correlating color. For example if i was to want to energize or “charge” my Root Chakra i would wear red or maybe even eat foods that are red such as apples or tomatoes because red is the color of the Root Chakra. Active intent i feel is important here for the most successful results but not entirely necessary.

Meditation is also very helpful when charging and balancing the Chakras. Reflecting on the parts of your life that correlate with said Chakra is a sure way to energize that particular little pool of energy.

For example lets get back to the root. The root rules over survival instinct and vitality. It controls fight or flight, and is blocked by fear. In my attempts to balance and charge this chakra i would meditate on the things in my life that I’m fearful of as well as how to overcome or let go of these fears. Then i take action to move myself in the right direction towards addressing my block.

It’s not always an easy process and can be unpleasant at time, but the reward is well worth the effort I can assure you.

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